10 lessons from DeBernt about transformations in the world of work in 2021

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Connecting talent with transformation is what moves DeBernt. 2021 presented us with the challenge of seeking change. And these are exactly transformations in the world of work who taught us countless lessons.

And how do we know that? We conducted an internal survey with the teams of our units on what remains as the legacy of the year that ends and what we carry in our luggage towards 2021.

We share with everyone first hand a summary of how we see our transformation. Our desire is for these learnings to multiply next year.

Check out below 10 lessons we learned from our change process:

10 transformations in the working world for the DeBernt team

10) Facing the new in an increasingly natural way: It was necessary to understand that the best way to change is to approach the new so that fear gives rise to excitement. Thus, change seems to us more and more as a natural path for the future.

9) You don't know everything, but you have the ability to learn a lot: Admitting that we don't know everything is the first step. The second is to enjoy learning, to see our ability to absorb new things and evolve with them.

8) Free yourself from some “certainties”: We let go of “it has always been like this, it always will be”. Once you realize new looks you are free to be and get where you want to be.

7) Openness to the opinion of the other: It is a daily exercise to listen to what is unfamiliar to us in a real way and willing to exercise empathy.

6) New ways to find the best solution: 2021 showed us that the right questions are what determine the efficiency of the answers. Replace “why this is so” by “and why not?” can open up new horizons.

5) Change does not happen in the same way and speed for everyone: Respect for each other's time. We are different and we have come here with different experiences.

4) We all want to grow: When everyone's goal is where each person wins. Working in a team is to understand that the action of one causes a reaction in the whole. We all have the power to positively impact someone's day and work for the collective.

3) Being part of the change is rewarding: Living a period of transformation is a privilege. An environment where questioning is welcome and encouraged gives us excitement when we feel the change taking place gradually.

2) Trust other people and understand that we have the same purpose: this year taught us about vulnerability. We demystify the process of making mistakes and understand that only in this way is innovation possible and that this makes us human and brings us closer together. Purpose gains strength when confidence in whoever is on the path with us happens!

1) Cold in the belly: We started this countdown with our first learning of 2021: face the new naturally. We discovered that this is what turns fear into cold in the belly. That brings that anxiety for what is to come, the excitement for a new year full of challenges, new searches and answers to questions that we may not yet have.

And that's how we ended 2021 and set out for 2021, wishing that life will give you more and more reasons to do things you've never done before and feel emotions you've never experienced.

Departed 2021, let's go with everything!



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