10 tips for a successful internship

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Table of Contents

Posted on August 20, 2015 at 1:00 p.m.Updated Oct 19, 2015, 1:31 p.m.

Acquire skills, expand your CV, enrich your network … make the most of this period. Here is how to succeed in your internship in ten steps.

1. Be clear about what you expect from your internship

The objective of a good internship is not to furnish a few summer months. It must be consistent with your training and allow you to acquire new skills. Ask yourself what you want to learn, and what aspects can serve your professional project.

2. Choose the right internship, in the right company

During the interview, the recruiter should be able to talk to you specifically about your future assignments. Otherwise, you risk wasting your time. As much as possible, avoid boosted internships, the content may not bring you much.

3. Review before joining the company

Do not start your internship without first finding out about the company’s activity, its sector, its products… Go to its website to learn as much as possible about it. Showing interest in your employer is a sign of your commitment and motivation.

4. Get off to a good start from day one

The first impression is often decisive. So, integrate yourself as soon as you arrive in the internship! Observe the habits, culture and codes of the company. Adapt your dress code, and adopt an open, friendly and professional demeanor.

5. Remember you are here to learn

Your training may have given you skills. However, you still have a lot to learn, so always stay modest, and don’t shy away from criticism. And above all, never hesitate to ask questions or share your difficulties during your internship.

6. Get 200% invested

Many companies see interns as full collaborators, so act like one. Carry out your assignments with enthusiasm and professional conscience, and keep in mind that if the company is satisfied with your work, you can get a contract at the end of the internship.

7. Be entrepreneurial

You are in business, no longer at school. So when you begin to master the tasks that will be entrusted to you, do not hesitate to take some initiatives. A successful internship also means offering to take on other assignments, sharing your ideas, helping your colleagues …

8. Anticipate the drafting of your internship report

An internship report is being prepared. To avoid running the risk of running out of content when it is being written: take notes as you go along on the missions carried out, collect various information (organization charts, annual reports, processes, etc.) and classify them.

9. Do not neglect the importance of the end of internship report

Do not leave the company without having made a report with your internship supervisor. He will be able to communicate to you his appreciation of your work, and on your side, you can tell him about your projects and possibly hand him a pole if you are at the end of the training.

10. Think professional network

Any contact with the professional world, even during an internship, is an opportunity to enrich your network. Leave the company with a full address book and nurture your relationships. Opt for an invitation to lunch from time to time, so that we think of you, in priority, if an opportunity should arise!


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