10 tips for quitting and staying on good terms

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Posted on August 31, 2015 at 11:09 amUpdated Feb 22, 2021 2016 at 15:32

It’s decided, you are leaving your company to take off towards new professional horizons. Be careful, your resignation requires respect and courtesy, even if you have a furious urge to kick in the stretchers. We do not know what tomorrow will bring and you could one day meet a colleague or a superior on your way. It is also a question of reputation: the business world is not that big.

1 – Tell your boss first …

Your employer (boss, boss, HR manager) must absolutely be the first person to be informed of your intentions. It is strongly recommended not to give the first announcement to your colleagues and to let the hallway noises make it.

2 -… and do it face to face

An interview is better than a letter that arrives without warning. Wait until your employer is available and has a moment to give you. If necessary, make an appointment.

3 – be clear, but brief

During this interview, you can explain the (professional) reasons for your resignation, but without going overboard. Show above all that your decision is made, unequivocal.

4 – don’t rain critics

Before you issue a dozen or so scathing reviews of the company, ask yourself if they will be of any use to the company you are leaving. If not, please don’t.

5 – formalize your resignation

Once the interview with your employer has passed, formalize your resignation by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. Again, stay sober and polite. The writings remain!

6 – keep flexibility on the deadline

You probably have some notice to do. In addition, your employer may need more time to turn around. Unless you have another appointment, it is better to remain flexible and even, why not, offer to train your replacement.

7 – Ensure until the end

Notice period or not, don’t leave the company on a bad note. Instead, show respect. Close the files in progress, put some order, leave some advice in a file… If it is a colleague who replaces you, also take the time to discuss with him.

8 – Carry out your notice correctly

Waiver of notice can only be granted to you by your employer – who is still your boss. If not, work normally during this time. Think you are still under contract.

9 – Say goodbye to everyone

A phone call, a message… Make sure to say goodbye to all your colleagues and collaborators, including those with whom you do not work on a regular basis. It is a good way to maintain your network.

10 – What if you stayed?

Impossible ? Who tells you that during the interview or shortly after your employer will not make you a tempting offer? You are determined to resign, of course. But think about this assumption first and the conditions under which you might decide to stay with the company.



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