100,000 Pounds at 30: these employees did not expect to earn so much, so quickly

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Posted on Nov 30, 2021, 7:01 amUpdated Dec 2, 2021 2021 at 8:57

1,805,440 per year. Take a breath, the figure is not in Pounds but in Hong Kong dollars! But all the same: Nathan, young director of operations of a newly created asset management fund in the Chinese enclave, earns the tidy sum of 200,000 Pounds equivalent in annual gross. With this salary, the barely 30-something just bought a two-room apartment in the 16e arrondissement of London, intended for rental. “I also bought a new car for a relative for their birthday. “

Cédric, thirty-one years old, has just offered himself a property of more than 1 million Pounds in the capital. It comes in at 120,000 Pounds gross, to which must be added 25,000 Pounds in shares per year for four years. This Centrale Supélec graduate did not expect to earn so much… so quickly. He readily admits that good pay was one of his criteria at the end of his engineering school, but he thought “Reach this level at the end of your career”, he confides.

“Stress-free” management of this money

According to studies, Centrale Supélec graduates have a gross starting salary of 51,000 Pounds, but Cédric did not realize that it was an average and that, apart from the classic engineering course, there were many trades. more profitable. He made the choice to work in data, as head of analytics for a start-up specializing in artificial intelligence.

And earning so much, so quickly, quickly asks a question: what to do with this loot? Nathan assures him, it's not stressful to take care of it, it's “Even a pleasure”. “I don't have a profitability target on my personal finances, says the young man, who recognizes himself more in the Cicada than in the Ant. And then such a salary allows both to live well and to set aside enough to prepare for the future. “

Luxury also means not worrying about your finances. Cedric says he is not optimizing his savings, to avoid stress. Although… the amount of tax he pays is starting to worry him. “Two thousand Pounds a month is starting to add up to a lot, even if of course I prefer to be in the situation of paying a lot. “ He is interested in optimizing his taxation but says he does not earn enough to build interesting – legal – packages. “The very rich have access to optimization schemes by investing large sums without impacting their standard of living. Result: in my situation, I find myself in the category that pays the most taxes. “

The counterpart of such remuneration

This level of compensation usually goes hand in hand with a level of intense engagement. Bankers or business lawyers, for example, are notorious for not counting their working time, peaking at 75 or 80 hours per week. Eva, thirty-one, a cybersecurity consultant, also with a six-figure gross salary, knew this rhythm well when she worked in a consulting firm. “I was already making a good living, but I wasn't necessarily happy. “ She points to extended hours but also a hierarchy sometimes “Complicated”.

This level of compensation usually goes hand in hand with a level of intense engagement.

She has since resigned to do … the same job, with the same clients, and with a gross salary more than 60%. The trick: freelancing through wage portage. “I now have the rhythm of an average employee, and no longer of a consultant. I still work between 50 and 55 hours a week. “ She cherishes her “Life next door” regained and especially her autonomy: she chooses when she works. It is paid on the day invoiced. So nothing during the holidays.

Nathan doesn't feel overwhelmed by the workload either. “On the other hand, I take on important responsibilities. I have to be reachable all the time, and I know that if things go wrong, I will be replaced quickly. “

The 100,000 Pound question: do we deserve such a big salary?

Pressure and responsibility explain their six-figure salary. But is this justified in the eyes of society? ” Honestly, I do not know, loose Cedric. I don't feel like I do things that are so special to deserve it, other than doing well in school and getting this job. “

Eva is more pragmatic. “It's the market that values ​​me at that price. ” And to add: “Of course, I don't compare myself to the peasant who doesn't have a vacation and who works 80 hours a week for a few hundred Pounds. Compared to him, it is surely too much… ”, she agrees.

“My salary may seem indecent, but for the environment in which I live and the cost of living in London, it is not”, assures Cédric. However, the young person is aware of evolving in a Parisian bubble of young (very) well educated, “A little decorrelated” of the reality of most English people.

A doubling of salary within five to ten years

He comes from a modest family and was keen to succeed in school. When I started working, my priority was to put money aside to anticipate the slightest hassle. “

Unlike his new friendships, his family owns little real estate. “Today, I understand that the heritage can count much more than the salary in the standard of living. My friends who have very wealthy families care less about their wages. “ One of them, for example, was offered by his parents an apartment of 200 square meters in London. “Even with my very high salary, I will not be able to afford it. “

What next after such a salary?

What follow-up to consider when one earns such salaries at thirty? The Centrale Supélec graduate doesn't really have any plans. “I tell myself that by continuing my career, within five to ten years, I would have doubled my salary. “

And he is surely not wrong. Under the double effect of the economic recovery and the shortage of skills in its field (data), the companies have embarked on “A race for the shallot on wages”, assures Stéphane Romano, head hunter at Cala Partners. The recruiter observes every day the companies in the process of pricking the best talents, which do not fail to renegotiate their wages with each new contract. “Not to mention the employees who apply outside to raise the stakes internally”, he adds.

“To this, we must add that the market is becoming more and more continental, even global, observes Stéphane Romano. This pushes some companies based in London to align themselves with Zurich or London salaries to stay in the race. “

“Wage inflation should not calm down”

This wage inflation is observed especially among unicorns, who recruit with all their arms thanks to wide access to financing. And in this war of talents, they have to face the Gafam, “Able to easily put 100,000 Pounds on the table to poach a specific profile”, assures the headhunter.

In addition to tech, the financial professions (partly because of Brexit), salespeople, IT functions and, of course, certain consultants are concerned by this surge in wages. BCG, McKinsey, Bain, Roland Berger and even Oliver Wyman are the best known – and most profitable – firms. “In the second-tier consulting firms, it will take a few years after the thirties to reach 100,000 gross annually. “ And the recruiter to add: “But in mergers and acquisitions, young people in their thirties even sign salaries of 200,000 Pounds, including bonuses. “ For him, wage inflation on these profiles should not calm down, at least not for a year.


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