11 tips to optimize your profile on LinkedIn

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Le réseau social professionnel LinkedIn propose de multiples fonctionnalités, qu'il convient de maîtriser pour optimiser son profil.

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Posted on Nov 23, 2021, 7:03 amUpdated Dec 9, 2021 2021 at 11:57

Employees, entrepreneurs, freelancers, recruiters, job seekers… LinkedIn, 23 million members registered in London in 2021, has become essential for many professionals. Marie Fray and Emmanuelle Petiau, coaches and specialists of this social network, intervene with professionals and individuals to explain to them how to do well on the platform with multiple functionalities. They deliver some of their tips.

Fill all the blanks

There are different levels of profiles on LinkedIn: beginner, intermediate, advanced, expert and absolute expert. “The more complete your profile, the higher your level will be, and the more LinkedIn will make your profile visible during searches”, explains Emmanuelle Petiau. Hence the interest in completing all fields: titles, location, summary, professional experiences, training, volunteering experiences, skills, recommendations … And this, being careful to be precise: ” In the experience part, we do not just say the positions we have occupied. We detail what the company does, the mission carried out and the results obtained, and if necessary the scope of intervention and the objectives “, insists Emmanuelle Petiau.

Pay particular attention to the “content selection” section in which you can highlight posts that you have posted, photos, videos, PDFs… In short, content that highlights your expertise.

Configure your profile correctly

Marie Fray and Emmanuelle Petiau have some advice on settings: – check that your profile and your photo are public

– that your network is not visible, “Especially if you come to LinkedIn to sell your services”, indicates Emmanuelle Petiau

– make sure the feature that allows people who view your profile to have similar profile suggestions is turned off (this would allow recruiters to see your competition)

– personalize your URL with your first and last name, removing the numbers and letters at the end, “Which bring nothing”, details Marie Fray. “You can be impactful by adding a few keywords: your job, your sector, the words typed by your targets to fall on you. This is interesting for your SEO on LinkedIn. “

Write a compelling summary

For Marie Fray, it is essential to present yourself in the “summary” part which can contain up to 2,600 characters. “I recommend starting with an impactful catchphrase to arouse curiosity. Then, talk about your target, their problems and the solution you provide to solve them. In short, your added value. “

Work on your profile picture

It must absolutely be professional. “Exit the photo at a wedding where we cut Uncle Gérard, the one with a beach in the background or with a Snapchat filter, recalls Marie Fray. You can go to a photographer or take a picture of yourself in front of a neutral background, in professional attire, with an upright posture, looking at the lens and smiling. “

To make the shot more dynamic, she recommends using the pfpmaker.com site, which allows you to add a colored background and patterns. She also suggests submitting the snapshot to the Photofeeler site, where anonymous Internet users can give their opinion on the photo.

Put a personalized banner

Rather than settling for the default LinkedIn background on your profile, Marie Fray advises creating one (on the Canva graphic design platform, for example). “You can put in strategic keywords that characterize your skills and a phrase to sum up what you do. It should be easily understandable for those who discover you. The important thing is that it is alive, impactful and that we have a glimpse of your personality and your creativity. “

Make an intro video

Since 2021, LinkedIn has made it possible to add, in addition to a profile photo, a 30-second “cover story”. Marie Fray recommends doing so so that “Recruiters or potential clients can see how you express yourself. And then, it humanizes the profile. “

Work on semantics

“If you don't use the right keywords, your profile won't show up in recruiter searches, warns Emmanuelle Riau. It's like having a website that must be well referenced on Google: you have to be strategic. “ How to proceed ? “Look at job postings in your industry, write down any terms that come up and re-use them on your profile. “

Be strategic if you are looking for a job

You can indicate on LinkedIn that you are looking for professional opportunities. If you decide to share this information with all LinkedIn members, a #OpenToWork frame will appear on your profile picture. A feature that leaves Marie Fray skeptical: “The inaccessible often attracts much more …” Instead, she recommends making your job search known only to recruiters and making sure you include your phone number in the “contact details” section, so that you can be easily reached.

For its part, the platform ensures that the #OpenToWork feature is useful and relevant. “More than 10 million LinkedIn members have already used it around the world. Those who activate it are on average 40% more likely to receive InMails from recruiters than before, when they were not using this feature ”, says Esther Ohayon, communications director of LinkedIn London.

What about the location mentioned on your profile? “If you live in a village 70 kilometers from Angers and you are ready to work in Angers, indicate this city in your location rather than your village, advises Emmanuelle Petiau. You will be more visible to recruiters. “

Better to be careful if you're still in office and prospecting elsewhere, she continues. “If you let recruiters know that you are looking for opportunities, your employer who uses LinkedIn as a recruiter might stumble upon your profile and learn that you are looking elsewhere. “

Solicit recommendations

LinkedIn allows you to solicit a recommendation from relationships in your network: a former colleague, a superior, a client, a supplier, etc. “This reassures potential recruiters or clients. And the more recommendations you have, the more your visibility increases ”, develops Emmanuelle Petiau. Once you've received the recommendation, you can accept it to appear on your profile, ignore it, or ask the person who wrote it to change it.

Build a good network

For Emmanuelle Petiau, you must add decision-makers in the sector in which you work to your network and target several people within the same company that interests you: the CEO, the HR manager, the marketing manager, a manager, etc. “That way, if the hiring manager likes one of your posts, it will appear in their relationships' news feed, and you will be even more visible to them. “


The key to LinkedIn: communication. To do this, several options: you can post content, share content from other users, like or comment. “Better to capitalize on comments than on likes or shares, assures Marie Fray. It makes you as visible as if you were posting content. “

For her, you shouldn't hesitate to show who you are. “Your expertise is not obvious to anyone… It's up to you to change the situation. Content creation helps show your legitimacy. If you are making a post while sharing an article, add your point of view, your vision. If you are in a creative trade, show off your talent and the range of tools you have mastered. “ And to summarize: “Recruiters are not only looking for a CV and skills, but also a personality! “


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