14 Ideas for Pink October in Companies and Their Benefits in Employee Engagement

14 Ideas for Pink October in Companies and Their Benefits in Employee Engagement

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Pink October is an annual campaign to raise awareness about the risks of breast cancer. For companies, membership is important to strengthen the brand and get closer to employees. Below, we separate some ideas for Pink October at the company, between them:

  • casual day when women wear pink;
  • motivational talks;
  • distribution of awareness materials;
  • volunteer work;
  • encouraging physical exercise, such as offering workplace gymnastics in companies.

The third to last month of the year arrives and, with it, much more than the first days of spring: it is when Pink October happens and, together, Pink October actions in companies.

the period is dedicated to worldwide awareness campaigns about the risks — and prevention — of breast cancer.

An example of its severity: the disease is the most common among women, and in the UK alone, the INCA (National Cancer Institute) estimates that 59,700 new cases will appear between the years 2018 and 2021.

Therefore, it is up to the companies to immediately embark on this undertaking that only values ​​their most precious assets: their employees.

And it is to encourage collective engagement that we have prepared this post!

Join us on this reading and get to know some ideas for Pink October in companies. So, everyone can make a difference and contribute to awareness that extends over the other months as well!

How did Pink October come about?

Traditionally, Pink October emerged in the United States. Result of the commotion that the death of Susan G. Komen caused in her sister, Nancy.

The first idea came in 1982, when a race began to be planned with the aim of raising awareness about breast cancer.

The race got a good popular response and the traditional pink bow was given away at the event. Detail: the race took place in October and, since then, it started to generate an increasing commitment to the cause. Of global proportion, currently.

And the Pink October in the UK?

In the country, the first actions that gained more prominence, referring to Pink October, were noticed in 2008.

Since then, commercial brands have increasingly externalized these prevention and awareness campaigns. In the same way that, internally, many ideas for Pink October in companies, began to gain more strength and acceptance.

After all, if there is anything that can be done, it is to appeal to your human resources to know everything about this serious disease and how to prevent it or react to any suspicion.

These suggestions for activities for the Pink October in the company, present several benefits for your team, among them:

  • generate more engagement;
  • reduce stress levels at work;
  • bring people together through empathy;
  • humanize the actions taken by management.

Especially, because the Pink October is also an information tool. People learn to let go of their fear of breast cancer to face it — and in advance.

All this because the chances of cure are greater when the diagnosis is as early as possible. Hence the importance of talking about:

  • self exam;
  • regular exams;
  • mammography.

This is for women up to or after 40 years of age. Mammography, for example, is already recommended, periodically, for those over 35 years old.

Ideas for Pink October at the company: how to join?

The month of October can be essential to bring employees together, generate collective engagement and make everyone aware of the seriousness of breast cancer.

Explore this in the culture of diversity in the workplace. After all, men and women must be well informed to help others whenever possible.

In addition, any cases of breast cancer in the company are no longer taboo. The ideas for Pink October at the company allow employees to learn how to comfort, help and encourage positivism in the person. The more people help each other, the better.

So check out our 13 ideas for Pink October at the company, and that your strategic HR can implement accordingly.

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14 suggestions for activities for the Pink October at the company

  1. casual day when women wear pink. This generates a collective awareness of the Pink October campaign;
  2. motivational talks. It can be carried out by health specialists, by those who have already dealt with the disease or by speakers who, directly or indirectly, have a contribution to the topic;
  3. distribution of awareness materials, as leaflets, pamphlets, websites or even Pink October events (such as the traditional street races);
  4. pink october decoration for company;
  5. volunteer work with organizations that fight and prevent cancer;
  6. incentive to exercise. A good example of this is labor gymnastics, which already stimulates the desire to practice some physical activity periodically and is involved in benefits;
  7. donations can also be welcomed., directing the acquired value to institutions that need resources to increase their reach in raising awareness or fighting the disease;
  8. bingos and raffles they are also good ways to encourage donations;
  9. internal competitions whose awards are breast cancer awareness materials. An example are books related to the disease or that help to cope with it;
  10. donation campaigns can be extended in other ways, in our ideas for October Pink at the company. For example, it is common for people to donate locks of hair to make wigs. A social and beautiful gesture that helps many people who are already undergoing treatment for the disease.
  11. the same goes for the handkerchiefs — those of tying around the head;
  12. assemble one or more racing teams to participate in the events that take place throughout the month of Pink October;
  13. promote walks with the company's teams. A social event, which can become an employee experience action, integrating value and unity to the team and strengthening awareness resulting from October Pink;
  14. honor those within the company who have already had cancer and have won or are battling the disease. A good example is the perfect stimulus for those who don't take care of themselves.

As we have seen, these ideas for October Pink at the company are campaigns that have worldwide appeal, and generate many benefits for those who adhere to it.

Still have doubts about the importance of Pink October stocks for companies?

Inside the company, the October Pink campaign generates a series of benefits — internal and external. For the public, brand awareness becomes more valuable.

For employees, it can be a way to create a really strong and integrative internal marketing action. It is also a way to:

  • retain talents;
  • unite teams;
  • generate collective empathy through awareness of something very important: people's health and well-being.

Making a difference, therefore, can also be a social cause that unites all your human resources towards a single goal. And how about doing your part by applying some of the ideas for October Pink at the company?

For that, share this post with ideas for October Rosa in the company on your social networks! Check HR professionals and take this message to the means of internal business communication of the company. Let more people know about the campaign and spread the word more and more about this idea!

We hope that you liked the ideas for October Pink in the companies and that you can put them into practice. Learn more about quality of life at work and its benefits!

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