16 professions to exercise in the metaverse (in 4 graphs)

Les immergés, les organisateurs, les concepteurs et les observateurs. Voici les 4 grandes familles de métiers, illustrées par une sélection de métiers. Et vous, lequel exercerez-vous ?

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It's hard to miss the metaverse, especially since HR Consultant UK devoted a special 16-page issue to them. The promises are numerous, as well as the annoying questions…

In the meantime, recruiters are on their toes to find the rising skills that will be essential to the development of metaverse and Web3. But by the way, what professions will develop in these new immersive worlds? Answers in 4 graphs.


They will earn their living through the activity that they will carry out mainly through their avatar. Their key skills? Immersive navigation, communication, sense of service, history and geography of metaverses…

Jules Grandin/HR Consultant UK

Metaverse Realtor

With the arrival of real estate properties on Sandbox, Decentraland and Roblox, the first 3.0 real estate agents are already helping us to buy (or sell) in the right place and at the right price.

Metaverse Team Manager

A bit like the team leaders of massively multiplayer games (MMORPGs), metaverses will see the appearance of team managers… of avatars (and their human counterparts!) on behalf of various organizations.

Mayor of the commune of Metavers

For each neighborhood or municipality in the metaverse, a representative will have the delicate mission of ensuring coexistence. A key job because decentralization and participatory governance are at the heart of web 3.0!

Metaverse Tour Guide

Tomorrow, dozens of active metaverses, and as many activities to do, museums to visit, or people to meet. These realities will evolve so quickly that we will be happy to be able to be accompanied by specialists during our virtual trips.

Metaverse Policeman

In the future, municipalities could decide to set up security services to protect avatar citizens and virtual goods. We would then see the emergence of security agents or even police officers from the metaverse, equipped with means of sanctions.

And also :

Metaverse Teacher (see page 9 and 13); Metaverse Bodyguard; Metaverse Gardener; Metaverse Performer Artist; Metaverse Digital Artist; Grapher in the metaverse; Metaverse Photographer; Metaverse witness client (service tester); Metaverse Influencer; Metaverse passive income collector (Play to earn workers – see page 13).


Their work will be directly linked to the proper functioning of metaversian ecosystems. Their key skills? Sense of the network, rigour, negotiation, technical expertise…

Jules Grandin/HR Consultant UK

Metaverse Wealth Manager

If you buy land and other NFTs in multiple metaverses, the metaverse wealth managers will help you keep track of all those values. A bright future for these professionals, given the sums invested and those to come…

Metaverse event handler

Exhibitions, weddings, concerts… This professional will manage the logistics and the coordination of the stakeholders so that the event runs smoothly.

Metaverse Lawyer

To protect your interests during business transactions in the metaverse, blockchain lawyers will be able to understand and transcribe the properties of the smart contracts you sign, such as royalty rates or other passive income.

Metaverse Recruiter

He will have to recruit individuals for their ability to embody their avatar as needed, while evaluating the human behind. Can an old man play the avatar of a young hostess? Fortunately, the recruiter will have the ethicist's instructions!

And also :

Metaverse Star Agent; Metaverse Grave Cleaner; Executor of Metaverse; metaverse moderator; Metaverse ad blocker; Expert in meta security; Meta-IT manager; Metaverse artistic director (event design).


They will think and create everything related to the metaverse, from floor to ceiling, including rules, experiences, in short, everything we will see and do in the virtual universe. Their key skills? Creativity, sense of anticipation, observation, programming, 3D design, blockchain…

Jules Grandin/HR Consultant UK

Stylist for virtual avatars

The Metaverse Stylist designs and creates the clothing and accessories that fashionable avatars will wear in the Metaverse. The next Karl Lagerfeld may well be recognized for the fashion trends he launched in this or that metaverse.

Metaverse Ethician

Can you kill someone in the Metaverse? Will there be homeless people and poor neighborhoods? Many conscientious objectors will be needed to problematize these subjects and provide answers and think of the fundamental rules of operation of the metaverse.

Metaverse Urban Planner

They will have the heavy task of anticipating the growth and evolution of metaverses, by creating neighborhoods adapted to transport, housing, shops and other services. Any Sim City or Minecraft pros here?

metaverse connector

In a multitude of worlds each offering their particularities, it will be possible to switch from one world to another very simply, in particular thanks to the work of metaverse connectors, these modern API developers.

And also :

Metaverse Architect; Metaverse bot avatar designer; Metaverse Storyteller; Metaverse Regulator; Metaverse Planner.


With the blockchain, all data is logged and made transparent. But that doesn't make them meaningful. We will need professionals to remember the past, understand the present or anticipate the future. Their key skills? Analysis, rigor, collaboration, communication, programming, critical thinking…

Jules Grandin/HR Consultant UK

Metaverse Analyst

With metaverses, data analysts have enough to extend their expertise. They will be responsible for analyzing, interpreting and communicating flows, trends, major events, to better understand and anticipate possibilities for the future.

Metaverse Historian

Remember when Nike gave away virtual shoes to all Roblox avatars? Oh no, it hasn't happened yet… But there are going to be a lot of real impactful stories and historians/geographers will have to keep track of them.

Metaverse Cartographer

Inevitably, if there are cartographic historians, there should be cartographic specialists. These experts will be a bit like the new explorers, making it possible to identify who owns what, to make each metaverse more readable in the eyes of neophytes.

And also :

Real-world human being (extra)


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