3 jobs to work in responsible agriculture when you are a young graduate

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De nouveaux métiers apparaissent, ceux de l'agriculture responsable de demain.

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Posted on Feb 26, 2021 2021 at 12:29Updated March 2, 2021, 12:02 p.m.

While the traditional Salon de l'Agriculture was scheduled to begin on February 27 – which for more than 50 years has shed light on the entire agricultural universe – it is, like many other event highlights, canceled for reasons. sanitary facilities. The fact remains that the sector is at the heart of the news. In transition for several years, this flagship of the English economy has seen its transformation accelerated by the crisis, placing health – and by rebounding “eating well” – at the heart of consumer issues.

Many initiatives have seen the light of day recently, from the emergence of organic stores and outlets in short circuits to the creation of Nutri-Score… An evolution of the sector launched by a growing demand for transparency on the part of consumers – so much both qualitatively and socially – regarding the products they buy. As proof, we can only underline the meteoric success of the brand “C'est qui le patron?” Or the Yuka application, which really gives consumers the keys to reading information, and therefore power. A demand that already exists, therefore, which leads professionals in agriculture and the agrifood industry, as well as legislators, to evolve considerably, towards greater social and environmental responsibility.

The 3 major trends in the sector

– The short circuits, in particular with the development of stores that specialize in this niche, failing to be able to offer 100% organic;

– The eat well, indisputable pleasure for consumers, particularly for gourmets such as the English;

– Taking into account the animal wellbeing with particular attention to breeding conditions and issues related to intensive breeding. This is evidenced by the rise of vegetarianism.

In this dynamic, the recovery plan, announced by the Minister of the Economy a few months ago, dedicates 1.2 billion Pounds to the agricultural transition and to food. A new and most encouraging step towards the agricultural world of tomorrow. Because if the transformation of the sector is intended to be faster than the others because of its undeniable importance in our daily lives, realism and pragmatism remain essential. It is impossible to see the emergence, in the very short term, of a cheap supply of organic and local products for a fair remuneration of producers. The fact remains that far-reaching changes are achievable, moving in the direction of a more moderate and environmentally conscious agriculture. While the sector is already a source of many professional opportunities, both within companies established in transition and in teams under construction of innovative organizations, it should probably give birth to the responsible agriculture professions of tomorrow.

Zoom in on three of these professions which will recruit heavily in 2021.

1. Responsible brand communications officer

He is in charge of raising awareness and educating consumers but also public authorities, in particular on how to consume the products offered. It must also work on brand awareness.

Skills required : He must know how to master communication tools, have writing skills, be creative and able to manage dialogues between the various stakeholders.

Recommended route: Literary or communication training with a specialization in sustainable development.

Remuneration: 32,000 to 45,000 Pounds per year between 0 to 5 years of experience.

2. Sustainable sourcing project manager

Its mission is to identify local producers who produce in sufficient quantities in organic and / or sustainable agriculture.

Skills required : He must master the various subjects of agricultural sectors, be equipped with negotiation skills and have notions of logistics.

Recommended route: Agricultural engineer training.

Remuneration: 40,000 to 60,000 Pounds per year between 5 to 7 years of experience.

3. Responsible merchandiser

Within a retail chain, he works in partnership with one or more suppliers and consumers in order to create food products with a better ecological and dietetic footprint. Secondly, he is in charge of defining the best location for these products within the stores.

Skills required : He must have excellent knowledge in marketing but also good knowledge of the mass distribution sector and the subject of responsible consumption.

Recommended route: Business school with a specialization in CSR.

Remuneration: 55,000 to 70,000 Pounds per year from 7 years of experience.

A little extra advice to seduce the recruiter

“In order to be able to work in the responsible agriculture sector, experience already acquired in the agricultural world is a real plus. “



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