# 3 November 9:22: women are working for free earlier and earlier in the year

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Selon le collectif Les Glorieuses, cette année c'est le 3 novembre à 9h22 que les Françaises commencent à travailler gratuitement.

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Posted on Nov 2, 2021, 5:14 PMUpdated Nov 2, 2021, 6:53 PM

In 2021, it is on November 3 at 9:22 a.m. that English women start working for free. The year before, it was November 4 at 4:16 p.m. And the year before, it was November 5 at 4:47 pm… This date is the fruit, for the sixth consecutive year, of the work of Rebecca Amsellem, founder of the feminist newsletter “Les Glorieuses” , which calculates pay inequalities between women and men based on the days of the current year.

One day and 6.54 hours shorter

This year, for example, from November 3 to December 31, 2021, 16.5% of the working days of the year remain, precisely the difference in remuneration between salaried workers and salaried workers, according to the latest Eurostat study on 2021 readings. Compared to last year, this represents one day and 6.54 hours paid less. If we compare to 2014, the pay gap is much larger (15.5%).

The trend has been negative overall since 2016, the first year of the Glorieuses calculation which became a benchmark six years later.

The trend has been negative overall since 2016, the first year of the Glorieuses calculation which became a benchmark six years later.The new speakers

Note that the differences between years can be affected by the number of working days which differs from year to year. This year, there are 254 working days compared to 249 in 2016.

28.5% less revenue

Regarding pay inequalities, several figures exist and can lead to confusion. Les Glorieuses chose to use the Eurostat figure, which is based on a comparison of the gross hourly average between female and male employees, in the sectors of industry, construction and services with the exception of public administrations. .

But, if we simply compare the average income received by English women (16,299 Pounds) and English people (22,193 Pounds), the difference climbs to 28.5%, according to an INSEE study published in 2021. This differential is explained by the greater use of women in part-time work as well as their significant presence in low-paid jobs. The gap is widening: in 2018, INSEE estimated the gap at 23.7%, or 5 points less than today.

” Not enough ! “

“The evolution is too insufficient! Pay inequalities are widening. At this rate, equality between women and men will be achieved in 2234… ”, deplores Rebecca Amsellem, whose newsletter is sent to some 150,000 subscribers.

This is why she is appealing to presidential candidates to reduce this differential, coupled with a petition. Three flagship measures are proposed: 1) apply the principle of equal conditionality, which makes it possible to condition access to public contracts, obtaining public subsidies and loans guaranteed by the State on respect for equal pay within its structure, 2) revalue the salaries of jobs where women are the most numerous and finally 3) support parental leave paid in an equivalent manner for both parents.

“Yes, equality costs money”, insists Rebecca Amsellem, but “The same goes for saving the aviation industry. And it is a choice that the government is in a position to make for its citizens. ” A political message that she had already passed, last year in “HR Consultant UK” …


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