3 tips to keep your knowledge up to date

3 tips to keep your knowledge up to date

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It's a tough time, to say the least. One third of people experience extra stress due to the corona crisis. Working from home blurs the boundary between private and work, people are concerned about their health and their financial situation, and then there is also the extra pressure because many colleagues are absent. Not easy, neither for the employer as for the employee. In our previous blog we looked at how you as an employer can ensure that your employees continue to develop. But what can employees do to keep their knowledge up to date, even now that the world looks different than ever?

1 Set yourself a goal

A famous quote by American coach, speaker and writer Tony Robbins is: “Where focus goes, energy flows.” By this he means that setting goals gives direction to your life. It is the first step to change the invisible into the visible, to make a wish concrete and to be able to link actions to it. A goal also helps you measure your progress. That way you know where you stand and what you still have to do. And finally: achieving a goal – also a learning goal – feels like a victory. And now more than ever we can use that feeling.

2 Map out a learning path

Of course you can write down your goals in a notebook or keep track of them in an online app. But when you convert your goal into a learning path, you create a clear and purposeful path to success. If you put that in a good learning platform, you make it even easier for yourself. All learning resources are listed together, including deadlines. You can easily keep track of your progress and you get reminders and digital nudges to stay on track.

3 Use microlearning

The stress of the corona crisis can cause concentration problems, neuropsychiatrist Theo Compernolle recently said in the NRC. That's why it's a good idea to learn in smaller nuggets right now. By always using short learning moments, learning is – especially now – easier to maintain and easier to combine with work and the home situation.


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