3 workplace safety tips you need to know

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3 workplace safety tips you need to know

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The number of accidents that happen while working in Brazil it is very high every year. According to data presented by the social Security, the number of absences due to occupational accidents was 1.8 million between 2014 and 2018.

Many people do not worry about the necessary safety actions, nor do they use the equipment considered essential in activities that present some risk.

Because of this, it is necessary to reinforce care and preventive measures within the work environment. This way, the activities will be carried out in the best way and with total security.

1. First tip: avoiding problems with fire extinguisher

Nowadays, in the work environment, we are subject to various issues that may involve accidents and various types of risks. Therefore, all types of care are more than essential. Count on the presence of fire extinguisher in the company is fundamental.

The lack of this equipment can cause very serious problems in the event of a fire. Depending on the size of the company, it is necessary to have several fire extinguishers spread around the environment.

Another important point is to always choose suppliers of fire extinguishers that offer replacement extinguishers during the exchange and recharge period, so that safety is maintained. You never know when any kind of accident might happen.

Also remember to pay attention to the installation locations. In addition to understanding the difference of each type of fire extinguisher and using the correct one for each type of project.

In case of fire accident

It's needed act with caution and attention when it comes to some kind of fire. The first step is, in a safe way, to find out what is on fire and to what extent.

If the company has brigade members, they will give the best guidance to all employees, in addition to using the fire extinguisher in the right way, depending on the proportion. But calm is essential at all times.

If the environment has alarms, be sure to trigger them. It may be that other people in other environments, a little further away from the fire place, do not know what is happening. The alarm will alert them.

When you leave, remember to close doors and windows, turn off the electricity and, if the environment that is on fire is in a building, do not use the elevators.

2. Second tip: Protection screen for greater security

Also known as protection net, has the main function of preventing accidents involving falls, for example.

In construction of large buildings, stadiums, among others, many workers end up getting involved in accidents due to the lack of protection. To avoid this type of problem, it is recommended to use platforms and also protection screen.

There are regulatory standards that are required in civil construction and it is essential that they are followed, so that then, safety at work can be maintained.

3. Third tip: care for installations

When changing an existing door in the company, it is necessary to pay attention and care so that the installation happen accurately and don't cause any problems.

THE Iron door used in industries, for example, are generally much larger and much heavier than the more classic ones seen in homes.

In order not to make mistakes in the installation, the measurement of the spans is essential. In addition, it is important not to forget any tools to make the door really fixed and firm.

Having trained professionals is also an added security and guarantee of a good job.

The right information

In this article, we present three tips, but it is important that you always stay informed about the safety standards at work, so that activities take place with tranquility, comfort and safety.

And if interest in the subject increases, we recommend that you access this article. In it you will know EVERYTHING your company needs to know about Work Accident. Click here and access!

* This article was written by Soluções Industriais.



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