4 competences of a modern, successful IT manager

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competenties it manager

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It is important to constantly develop new competencies in the challenging, ever-changing role of IT manager. But, what are those new competences at a time of major changes?

First, let's see what exactly is the need to develop these competencies.

The need for new competences

Where the technical side, such as products, processes, systems and infrastructures, used to be the work domain of an IT manager, you now see that the technology is simply there. After all, a large percentage of Dutch employees use IT solutions that have not been approved by the IT department, the well-known Shadow IT.

More than ever, the IT manager will have to understand the needs and requirements of the business in the field of information and communication. This requires a different view and increasing attention to continuous knowledge development. See also this blog.

You can argue about new competences. We cannot look into the future either, but we do believe that the following competencies are important for a modern, successful IT manager:

Competency 1: The competence to handle data data
This is not only about processing data, but especially also about converting this data into usable concepts. Creativity also comes into play.

Competence 2: Managing and processing information
Due to the abundance of information, the IT manager will increasingly be an information manager who can classify and filter information according to importance. Ensuring that the organization is not overwhelmed and that the right information reaches the right people in order to develop further.

Competency 3: Inquisitiveness
The successful IT manager will more than ever have to be willing to continuously develop knowledge, because that is the way to give the IT management function a different role. This will be much more in the direction of Business Development or Information Management. Of course, eagerness to learn is also an important competence for every colleague who works within the IT department.

Competence 4: Being able to identify, analyze and solve problems
An IT manager who proactively sees the challenges the business has, can fathom them and find answers for them is always valuable to the organization. So more than ever it is about taking the initiative and anticipating potential problems.

Would you like to participate in this conversation?

The challenge for the IT department will be to remain future-proof, to retain the team and to develop further in a smart and efficient way. That is why we are also interested in your opinion:

What competences do you think modern, successful IT managers should have? Please contact us.



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