4 tips for finding a LIFE

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Posted on August 31, 2015 at 10:50 amUpdated Sep 30, 2015, 10:40 a.m.

Follow the “official” path

VIE's offers are grouped together on a website, Civiweb. The competition is tough, but this is the official route to apply and get a contract. The first step is to register on the site to obtain a VI number (international volunteer). It is then up to everyone to send their CV and cover letters for the offers that interest them.

The advice in this area is to focus more on the positions themselves – and their correspondence with training and the sector of activity – than on their geographical location. This is also the aspect on which it is advisable to emphasize in your cover letter. Note that the majority of VIEs, 44% exactly, take place in Europe. On the same Civiweb site, it is possible to create alerts and therefore be notified of new offers corresponding to their profile.

Another online solution, the Pôle emploi international site also offers international volunteering missions.

Approach businesses

A different, but sometimes profitable, way of doing things is to approach businesses directly. It takes a bit of method and time. More than 6,200 English companies currently benefit from VIE approval We can start by spotting on Civiweb and elsewhere the large groups recruiting in VIE or quite simply large companies with international subsidiaries in their sector of activity. The sites of these companies all have “recruitment” or “job offers” sections. On the one hand there may be VIE missions, on the other hand it is most of the time possible to send a spontaneous application. This will at least have the merit of making your interest in the company known.

Send spontaneous applications

Speaking of spontaneous applications – which still give rise to a quarter of departures, nothing prevents you from sending them to companies that interest you, and why not to SMEs that export. In this case, it is important to explain the advantages of VIE for companies, which are not always well known: delegated management, absence of social charges, flexible duration of the mission … Specific assistance is, moreover, provided to SMEs. In the age of globalization, some could very well be interested.

Be patient

Last tip to get a LIFE: have a little patience! 36% of candidates find a mission within a period varying between one and six months (16% in six months). Of course, you will have more chances if you aim for certain sectors, such as management control and accounting, IT, catering, electronics, civil engineering or even international trade. The others, rest assured, nothing is lost!



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