4 tips for hiring professionals with digital skills

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4 tips for hiring professionals with digital skills

Table of Contents

Companies face multiple challenges when it comes to hiring professionals with digital skills. This is because they forget to align the profile of the organization itself to what is sought in each position, and it is important to modernize the organizational structure and culture, so as to get closer to the ideal candidate.

Nowadays, there is no way to talk about development without technology being on the agenda. It is through it, after all, that we start to generate more productivity, with less resources, and optimizing processes.

Consequently, all this investment must also be reflected in its human resources. What exposes the need to be assertive when it comes to hire professionals with digital skills.

Can you tell us how this process is going in your company? Because, in this post, we will present the importance of this, and highlight 4 tips for you to qualify the selection process and learn hire professionals with digital skills. Check out!

What are digital skills?

In general, they are the acquired skills necessary to carry out activities within a technological context. For example: who knows how to deal with your company's management software already has one or more digital skills.

However, nowadays, this type of skill is required because we are at the heart of the Digital Age: solutions invariably involve the use of technologies to add productivity with savings.

For professionals, the same condition applies. The more updated with technological trends, the better they adapt to changes, guaranteeing an excellent position in the job market.

What are digital skills about?

You can easily summarize the context, before we talk about how to hire professionals with digital skills, better exploring some characteristics of this type of professional. Are they:

  • privacy management, which is the way to deal with your personal information, on the internet, without sharing the data and seeing it lost or lost;
  • digital empathy, the ability to demonstrate empathy for those who do not handle new technologies well, and manage to direct their knowledge to their learning;
  • digital identity, being the ability to merge your personal and professional identity in the physical and online spheres.
  • time management, which greatly influences the productivity, organization and efficiency of the professional;
  • security management, which is the ability to recognize virtual threats and thus not harm your work;
  • critical thinking, another skill that reinforced its importance in the digital environment, helping professionals not to depend exclusively on technology, but to align themselves with them.

This, in itself, helps to evaluate the new profile of the contemporary worker, but it is a great guiding guide for you, who want to know how to hire professionals with digital skills. It is already an interesting perspective of what to look for in future hires.

What are the challenges when hiring professionals with digital skills?

Normally, the HR sector has difficulty in evaluating the profiles that are most aligned with the needs and objectives of the company. Especially, when the company is not yet properly inserted in the digital context.

In addition, the HR professional lacks alignment with market changes. For example: the generation millennial – the majority in the job market, today – has a completely different profile from the previous generation.

I.e: talent attraction, hiring and retention strategies are no longer the same. This alignment is crucial to add more assertiveness and, thus, hire professionals with digital skills.

Let's see, then, how to work this effectively in the day-to-day of your company?

How to hire professionals with digital skills?

Below, we selected 4 tips for you to qualify your selection process. Are they:

1. Define the competencies for each vacancy

Before offering the vacancy in your preferred means, how about evaluating the needs, objectives and particularities of each vacancy – and positions – in the company?

With this, it is possible to evaluate what you are looking for, in a professional, and what digital skills are necessary and, if optional, welcome to further qualify the hiring.

2. Generate challenges

The current professional profile is not satisfied with the unshakable routine. Challenges, transformations and new ideas are always expected by him and, therefore, it is up to the company to have this flexibility in its organizational culture.

We say that this influences the company's culture because it interferes with vertical and rigid hierarchy. Without flexibility, new ideas are not heard or implemented. So, keep in mind that, to hire professionals with digital skills, you also need to modify the company's DNA.

3. Generate a wage and benefits shared with the market

This does not change, regardless of the season: without an offer of wages and benefits compatible with the job market, your opportunity will be unattractive. And it is unlikely to attract a talent with all the qualities identified for the position.

Within this context, it is also worth noting which differentials can most interest your target audience. For example: the home office is already a required and desired modality for many.

If your company is not inserted in the digital context, it has less flexibility to add this differential. Now, when it is already more mobile, it can build an identity that each employee will identify with more.

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4. Segment the selection process

Another important point when hiring professionals with digital skills: segmentation. When knowing the reality of the company, the needs to fill the position and the profile of the professional, you better understand where to find them.

This means disclosure in the media where this professional most seeks new opportunities and, mainly, in the realization of a selection process that arouses his interest even more.

This generates assertiveness on your side and engagement of candidates. A big difference for your decision making after all the stages of the selection process are fulfilled.

Did you learn how to hire professionals with digital skills?

Based on these 4 tips mentioned above, it becomes easier to build a selection process in line with the main market trends, as well as qualifying your company even more.

>> To further assist you in this process, access our digital book which has an effective step by step of recruitment and selection. Just click on the image below!

Now, we want to know a little more about you: in your company, how is the process for hiring professionals with digital skills? Leave a comment, below, and tell us what the challenges have been in finding the right person for the right opportunity!



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