5 actions to avoid absenteeism in companies

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5 actions to avoid absenteeism in companies

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Absenteeism in companies is the excessive volume of absences or delays from work that can be a consequence of dissatisfaction with the job. Absences impact the entire team and affect overall results.

The good news is that a few simple actions can help reduce absenteeism. In this article, we'll present five solutions to excessive employee absences. Check out!

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1. Maintain a good organizational climate

It is a fact that employees who do not feel well where they work and who have relationship difficulties do not perform properly and end up missing more often to avoid conflicts and unwanted situations.

Companies that do not offer a healthy climate for their employees find it more difficult to maintain productivity, retain talents and reduce absenteeism.

Knowing this, conduct organizational climate surveys regularly to provide a supportive environment for development and maintain motivation. The surveys identify conditions and allow for the development of action plans to improve the climate.

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2. Have a defined career plan

Opportunity for development at work is an important motivational factor. Professionals who seek promotion tend to be more engaged with their work. Thus, having a structured career plan is essential to promote team motivation and, consequently, reduce the absenteeism rate.

3. Invest in the feedback culture

THE feedback it plays an essential role in the development and motivation for work. When a professional has regular follow-up and knows their strengths and points to improve, they are able to perform their functions better.

Through conversations, the manager must clarify the importance of each professional for the company and address how one person's faults affect the entire team. In addition, it is necessary to identify the causes of absenteeism and offer help so that employees overcome difficulties.

4. Keep communication clear

Good internal communication promotes a relationship of trust between employer and employees, which is why it is necessary to maintain a clear dialogue within the team, sharing important information, objectives and goals to be achieved.

Invest in internal communication channels, such as newsletters, newsletters, team meetings and even the traditional bulletin board.

5. Create individual goals

The creation of individual goals contributes to the reduction of absenteeism as, by defining the objectives of each employee individually, the understanding of the responsibility of each one for the success of the entire team becomes clearer.

With individual goals, employees understand more objectively how their absence can impact the results of the group and the company. In addition, the professional starts to have goals to meet and remain engaged with the work.

High absenteeism rates in companies can also be avoided with the adoption of another measure: perform hires aligned with the company's culture. Don't waste the opportunity to improve internal processes by making more informed hiring of future talent.

How about starting an action that reduces absenteeism in your company right now?

This article was written by contratanet – an employability network that offers integrated solutions for Candidates, Companies and Educational Institutions.

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