5 benefits of doing quality business recruitment

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Strategic business recruitment that can attract the best talent is essential for healthy and consistent organizational growth.

Human capital is a company's most valuable asset. It is the people who drive the company's progress, who are committed to the creation and development of projects, who bring innovations and who create a healthy and productive environment.

When the organization does not have a good staff, it is not possible to achieve the goals and survival in the corporate world is seriously compromised.

In order to help avoid this problem, we highlight 5 benefits of a good selection process, as well as some tips to improve the choice of professionals. Check out!

1. Decreases turnover

Each dismissal (voluntary or involuntary) brings monetary obligations that can compromise the company's balance sheet: payment of labor rights, investments in a new selection process, costs with the adaptation of the new employee and training to perform the function and for immersion in the organizational culture .

Productivity is also compromised during the first few months of the new hire. In addition, the team is harmed, as the turnover ends up overloading the employees, who have to take on other functions while the vacancy is not filled.

In addition, high turnover negatively impacts the organizational climate and the engagement of other company employees.

When the selection process is well done, the chances of hiring the right professional for the vacancy are greater, reducing the chances of being fired in a short time and avoiding these problems.

2. Improves employee performance

A hiring that has not only technical knowledge, but also personal relationship skills, has a positive impact on the entire team and brings positive results to the company.

It is important to choose a candidate who really has the necessary expertise. Thus, he can collaborate with colleagues, sharing information and knowledge that will improve the performance of everyone involved.

We cannot forget that when the chosen professional is able to relate well to the people he works with and fits into the company's culture, engagement increases and a collaborative team is formed, which brings a significant increase in results.

3. Increases productivity

Proper hiring is essential for productivity. A professional who knows how to perform his duties in the best possible way, is able to bring ideas and is committed to the service, carries with him an improvement in production rates. These numbers tend to grow over time, as the employee tends to be more intimate with the daily routine and is able to perform his tasks with more quality and speed.

A person engaged with work is more likely to come up with strategies, which can eliminate unproductive and time-wasting tasks. This professional profile wants to present better results every day and, for that, identifies what is not working and presents ideas that will eliminate frustrating steps.

The entire organization tends to gain from this behavior, which leaves free time for more strategic functions and project development that can be worked on micro aspects (only within the team) or macro (on a larger scale for all employees or even in company branches).

4. Decreases absenteeism

When the person chosen for the vacancy does not identify with the workplace, has difficulties in carrying out tasks or is in a position that does not match their expectations, absenteeism rates tend to increase.

Whenever possible, this professional will try to avoid activities, often even to do interviews at other companies.

To avoid the damage caused by a high rate of absences, the solution is to focus on a precise selection process, which assesses from skills to the psychological profile of the candidate.

It is important to remember that, for the maintenance of good hires, engagement must also be developed by the company. This will prevent professionals from losing enthusiasm and, in addition, speak well of the work to other people, helping to attract the best talent.

5. Improve leadership succession

Succession at the top of the company is one of the most critical issues CEOs are facing. This process happened naturally, since professionals tended to work for a long time in the same company.

Currently, with the short period of permanence of contractors, leadership succession has become more difficult, often forcing the board to seek professionals from outside to occupy important positions. With this, the company loses, because often these people are not aware of internal issues that are important to perform the function.

Carrying out a good selection process will help remedy this problem. By looking for candidates who are really connected to the organization's culture and who demonstrate the desire to grow professionally, you increase the chances of getting someone who wants to work in the same place for years. This makes it possible to invest in this collaborator, so that he assumes a prominent place within a few years.

Tips for good business recruitment

Choosing the best people to work for your company can be a slow process, but there are currently several tools that will help you in this work.

It is important to pay attention to the language used in the vacancy announcement and the place where it will be published. Also try to clearly define what is needed to perform the role with the desired performance and take this information into account during the selection process.

Interviews must be carried out carefully, preferably with the support of a specialized professional, capable of evaluating psychological and behavioral aspects of the candidate.

Another important detail is to offer salary floors and benefits according to the market. Remember, a qualified employee won't stay long in a job that doesn't meet your expectations.

Taking these aspects into account, it will be possible to carry out quality business recruitment that will benefit your organization.

Were you able to identify a problem in your company that is caused by a wrong hiring? What does a good professional need to have for you? Leave a comment on this post and share your impressions with us!


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