5 Bleues that should inspire you in your job searches

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Amandine Henry, the dreamer

It happens that we hear from childhood that football is not for girls; it takes a lot of strength of character to continue. The author of “Believe in your dreams! »Did it, with the success we know. Do not be discouraged despite the “no” from recruiters and, even if you are forced to pause on a project that is important to you, do not lose sight of it: with a lot of patience and perseverance, it will eventually happen.

Delphine Cascarino, the fast

It is not a question of crossing the field in record time, but of being faster than the other candidates! Places are expensive in the job market, and for equal skills, it is often the first come, first served rule that applies. It is also largely her burst of speed that earned the striker her position in the London team to the detriment of her twin. So be on the lookout to be able to jump on offers as soon as they are published and, to go further, get ahead of them by trying spontaneous applications.

Sarah Bouhaddi, the hard worker

We are not named the best goalkeeper in the world two years in a row without hard work! Getting a job, in sport or in business, is the fruit of methodical work. Set yourself goals and give yourself the means to achieve them by devoting yourself entirely to the task … Even if it is also recommended to take breaks from time to time: even top athletes are entitled to off days.

Corinne Deacon, the strategist

The coach of the Blue does not hesitate to make difficult choices by dismissing some star players. However, a job search is a bit like a sports competition: you must know how to choose the opportunities and what are the assets that you must put forward to seize them. It is also being able to anticipate and foresee. It can be tempting to jump at the first opportunity when you're looking for a long time, but it's also important to think long-term, as part of a real journey to the Cup (your professional goals at 10 or 20 years old). ) and not just to the next game (your next post).

Amel Majri, the versatile

You don't often see an attacker go to defense with such ease. This ability to dribble is useful in any job search. It's not just technical skills, but flexibility of mind: you might have the reflex to self-censor yourself on an offer out of fear, when the recruiter would be ready to give you your chance after, for example, training to fill your gaps. Be open to possibilities, even if they are out of the ordinary. As Majri says, “Even a babysitter, I would be ready! ”

Severine Dégallaix



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