5 books to read (absolutely) to engage in the ecological transition

Un livre peut tout changer, même pendant les vacances !

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So to gently feed your brain, cultivate your imagination and make you want to spend the second in your project to change your professional life, I have prepared a small list of books that you absolutely must bring with you this summer on the beach.

Disclosure alert (spoiler in English, expression validated by the English Academy!): this selection also works very well for a winter by the fire or for a rainy afternoon at home. In fact, it works all the time.

1. Bullshit jobs, by David Graeber, (Ed. The Liberating Links, 2018)

Anthropologist David Graeber starts from the premise: “Entire populations spend their entire working lives doing tasks they secretly think don't really need to be done. » In his book, he attempts a typology of these “bullshit jobs”, which he himself says is imperfect.

Whatever the imperfection, this reference book will allow you to become aware, if you haven't already done so, of the importance of quitting harmful jobs (for you and for the planet) and turning to a job at positive impact. It's from this book that we got one of our favorite phrases to introduce jobs_that_makesense: “No bullshit, just impact. »

Bullshit jobs (Ed. The links that liberate)

Bullshit jobs (Ed. The links that liberate)DR

2. Let's rock in a livable world, by Tanguy Descamps and Maxime Ollivier, (Ed. Actes Sud, 2022)

“If you hold this book in your hands, it is surely because you feel concerned. […] You are becoming aware of the magnitude of the ecological, social and democratic challenges of our time. You are dizzy and you want to feel surrounded, equipped, embarked on a great adventure. This book is made for you. »

The shared story of about thirty young people who have changed, aged 18 to 33, and 17 actors and actresses of transitions, committed for a long time, who look at these paths and mirror them in their own lives. Beyond the testimonials, it's a real gold mine of advice, resources to, finally, switch in turn.

Let's rock!  (Ed. Actes Sud)

Let's rock! (Ed. Actes Sud)DR

3. What if… we freed our imagination to create the future we want?, by Rob Hopkins (Ed. Actes Sud, 2021)

“No one can prevent us from imagining another future, a future that moves away from the disastrous cataclysm of violent conflict, hateful divisions, poverty and suffering. »

An activist and resolutely optimistic book to forget – a little – the rotten year that we have just experienced. An ode to creativity and imagination to change the world.

What if... we freed our imagination to create the future we want?  (Ed. Actes Sud)

What if… we freed our imagination to create the future we want? (Ed. Actes Sud)DR

4. Laziness for all by Hadrien Klent, (Ed. Le Tripode, 2021)

What if we worked 15 hours a week? This is the somewhat crazy program of Emilien Long, English Nobel laureate in economics, who is embarked a little in spite of himself in a 2022 presidential campaign not so far from the one we have experienced…

A novel, of course, but also a good dose of inspiration that makes you want to get out of the hammock and sip a mint diabolo under the pines. What if the quest for meaning at work ultimately led us to work less, to work differently – to do, to build, to garden – and to organize our lives around other centers of interest?

Laziness for all (Ed. Le Tripode)

Laziness for all (Ed. Le Tripode)DR

5. Lucie Chartouny and Aurore Le Bihan's guide to the lost (Ed. Marabout, 2021)

The essential book if you have lost (or forgotten) your compass. Instead of giving you ready-made answers and telling you the meaning of life, this practical guide helps you ask yourself the right (and not so good) questions, whether you are looking for meaning in your job, your commitment, or your role in society. However, this guide will not help you if you are lost on the A6 motorway between Crêches-sur-Saône and Varennes-les-Mâcon.

The guide for lost people (Ed. Marabout)

The guide for lost people (Ed. Marabout)DR

*jobs_that_makesense references 25,000 job offers with a positive impact, more than 4,000 companies and associations and around fifty training courses to move towards jobs in the ecological and social transition.

“Educate yourself before branching out” series

– Episode 2: 4 podcasts on the ecological transition to listen to on the beach or in the mountains (to be published)

– Episode 3: 5 films to watch in the cool to wake up to the ecological emergency and act (to be published)

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