5 HR trends that are hot in 2021

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Table of Contents

The labor market is tighter than ever and the battle for talent is raging. Technology is also changing the industry – and the world. What do we expect for important trends for this year 2021?

1. Personnel shortage continues to increase

Unemployment has become so low that more and more companies are short of staff. More than 25 percent of companies indicate that they have difficulty finding enough workers.

At the beginning of 2015, this was only 2.7 percent. This shortage affects all industries, but the pain is greatest in rental and other business services, followed by construction, transport and storage, information and communication and specialist business services.

2. The platform economy is here to stay

Online platforms such as Uber, Roamler and Temper are playing an increasingly important role in the world of recruitment and selection. In the most cautious future scenario in this ING report, 20% of all flex workers will become self-employed within 10 years. In the extreme scenario, this is no less than 70%.

Employees who enter your organization at a young age and leave your company after 40 years with a gold watch? That is past tense. Time will tell whether the platform economy will really take off as ING suspects. We will certainly keep an eye on it.

3. The influence of artificial intelligence is increasing

Will the HR team soon consist of R2D2s, Peppers and Sophias? We consider that chance quite small. Still, artificial intelligence will make an impact in the HR world. For the time being, this will be limited to things such as scheduling interviews and chatbots that simulate conversations with HR employees.

In time, artificial intelligence will play a greater role. For example, it is expected that with the help of robots it will be possible to recognize when a colleague is about to resign or to protect us from prejudices about applicants.

4. Fascinating and retaining good personnel

With such a tight labor market, the reason for captivating and retaining good staff has become greater than ever. First, it is important to attract talent. Once you have those talents in house, you must ensure that they do not leave with a good offer for the next employer.

As we wrote before, you want your employees to be motivated, healthy and competent. The structural provision of knowledge plays a major role in this. HR Consultancy or continuous learning is a way of gathering knowledge that offers your employees additional knowledge time and again, every day.

In this way they can continuously develop their skills, they remain fascinated and can be employed for a long time.

5. Sustainable employability

A theme that is not new, but is becoming increasingly relevant, is sustainable employability. This theme certainly touches on a number of the above trends: it is about more job satisfaction, less absenteeism and higher labor productivity.

The reason?

People are getting older and have to work longer, while technical developments continue. By paying attention as an organization to the health, involvement and development of employees, they can continue to do their work healthily and productively in the future.

As an employer, you reap the benefits of this.

On the Health and Safety Portal of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment you will find various tools that can help you to implement sustainable employability in your organization.

Knowing more?

Would you like to know more about the importance of knowledge development? Download our whitepaper. Or are you already convinced of the importance but do you want to know how you can convince the management? Feel free to contact us without obligation. We like to think along with you!



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