5 HR trends to keep an eye on in the coming years

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Innovation and changes brought about by technology and changes in the labor market have signaled that we are living in a period of transition. Several changes are being incorporated into the routine of companies, creating new needs and new paths for organizations. HR trends help you understand these changes and allow you to plan strategies for the future.

The human resources sector is, without a doubt, one of the most affected by innovation and the new behavior of the labor market. In addition, the professionals themselves have incorporated these changes, adapting to the technology and the solutions offered by it.

In this article, you'll learn about the top five HR trends to keep an eye on for years to come. Check out!

The main HR trends

1. Emphasis on professionals with leadership skills

In a highly competitive and increasingly demanding market, leadership skills are already one of the most desired skills.

Despite being a rather abstract and relative characteristic, it has been widely cited by CEOs of large companies, especially in the innovation sector.

Thus, it is clear that the leadership capacity of professionals allows the company to be able to focus on results, with profiles of employees who have a more strategic vision.

It is natural that this characteristic is valued, initially in the professionals who work in the human resources sector, since they are the company's gateway for new professionals who will join the teams.

HR managers are constantly charged for their ability to mobilize and manage people within a company, that is, for their ability to lead.

In this sense, its main challenge is to train and create conditions for the company's managers to be inspiring leaders and enable growth for the organization as a whole.

In the coming years, this HR trend should be increasingly tested and used as a parameter for hiring new professionals, regardless of the field of activity or function to be performed within the company.

2. Valuing and investing in emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is a concept that has been widely discussed and addressed in recent years. One of the most talked about and studied HR trends.

However, despite not being a new concept, the theme is still a trend, as the market identified that this characteristic is really essential for the success of a professional in the job market.

Knowing how to deal with emotions within the professional environment means:

  • ensure greater productivity;
  • good interpersonal relationship;
  • personal and collective well-being;
  • generate commitment to the work.

The trend is for companies to increasingly invest in training and guidance that allow them to create conditions and means for the development of emotional intelligence in their employees.

When applied to professional activities, emotional intelligence is essential for personal and professional fulfillment.

In this way, professionals are encouraged and trained so that they feel more secure, comfortable and motivated to face the daily challenges of their work routine.

3. Expansion of the application of technological resources

Among the HR trends for the coming years, the application of technological resources in the work routine has been highlighted as one of the most significant and impacting changes for the sector.

Every year, technological solutions developed especially to optimize the activities of the human resources sector have appeared on the market.

We know that the UK stands out for its high burden of bureaucracy in activities and, within the HR sector, this bureaucracy represents a large part of the time spent by professionals in the area.

Companies that have high turnover, for example, suffer from the high demand for work in the HR sector, which ends up being linked to an infinite number of bureaucratic processes, such as dismissals, payroll management, vacation control, admissions, among others .

It is already possible to find, on the market, several systems aimed at optimizing these activities. Among them, one that stands out is HR Consultant UK, a system that automates several processes in the personnel department, such as:

  • Optimizes the work routine of these professionals
  • Increase your productivity
  • It reduces the time spent on bureaucratic activities.

The trend is that, in the medium and long term, all companies have specific systems aimed at their needs. The example of the HR sector is just one among a multitude of solutions and alternatives that should appear in the market in the coming years.

4. Expansion of data use in the HR sector

The use of data is already being used by the human resources sector of large companies. The tendency is for this use to be improved and introduced in the context of medium and small companies as well.

This use of data means that the work done by the HR sector is based on Big Data.

This methodology analyzes the behavior of employees, generating data that aims to improve the performance of workers, through the promotion of skills alignment actions that are in accordance with organizational demands.

In addition, the use of data allows obtaining information about the work developed by professionals, both individually and collectively, allowing the analysis of the cost-benefit of certain actions and bringing elements that help in the development of planning strategies.

5. Investments in the development of communication skills

The fifth HR trend for the coming years is the growing investment in the development of communication skills.

Knowing how to communicate clearly and in order to achieve a certain objective is a challenge for both the human resources manager and the managers of other departments in a company.

In addition to being acquired, putting this skill into practice is a differential that guarantees a prominent position for the company in the job market.

It is worth remembering that the communication and strategy used are linked to the company's culture. Therefore, good communication must be among the pillars of the organization, as it builds confident, strong and motivated teams.

Investing in communication is a trend that will be growing in the coming years. Especially due to market needs and changes in the behavior of professionals, who are increasingly dynamic and engaged with a business purpose.

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With our system you will:

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