5 innovative employee recruitment strategies!

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5 innovative employee recruitment strategies!

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Choosing the right candidates to fill open positions is one of HR's most important tasks. After all, without a qualified team and aligned with the business objectives, it is impossible to make the company stand out in the market. So it is essential to be on top of the main employee recruitment strategies.

Among so many available professionals, how do you find the perfect talent for the position you offer? How do you get interested in joining your company?

To assist in this mission, we have put together in this article the main strategies for recruitment used to attract quality professionals. Interested? Check it out below!

What are recruitment strategies?

Recruitment strategies are measures implemented by HR to attract professionals aligned with the vacancy offered by the company.

The purpose of these processes is to look for candidates with two basic characteristics: satisfactory technical skills and adequate behavioral profile.

Analyze the experiences and skills it is essential to know beforehand if the employee will be able to perform his tasks with quality.

The behavioral part concerns the identification of the employee with the company's values, which are reflected in daily living and work processes.

Having this concern even before starting the selection process helps ensure that employees remain in the company for a long period.

Hire people identified with the organizational culture from the start increases engagement and reduces turnover, which makes the company grow faster and more consistently.

What are the main employee recruitment strategies?

With the advancement of the internet and social networks, the candidate behavior in the job search has changed considerably.

Therefore, companies need to adapt to the new scenario and adopt recruitment strategies of employees increasingly innovative.

Below is a list of 5 of the most effective measures to attract good talent.

1. Hiring funnel

Before starting recruitment, the first task of HR is to develop a hiring funnel very detailed.

This strategy consists of put together a schedule with all the stages and dates of the selection process, from the first screening to the moment of the final decision.

The number of candidates who will participate in each phase must also be defined in order to more accurately guide the choices made throughout the process.

Of course this plan may change, but it serves as a guide to make goals clearer and more tangible.

A complete hiring funnel includes:

Depending on the position and the situation, some of these phases can be skipped.

The important thing is that the funnel is designed so that evaluate all the necessary characteristics to the open position.

sand a test and an interview are sufficient, there is no need to over-extend the process.

2. Recruitment platforms

Use online platforms is a practically mandatory employee recruitment strategy nowadays.

Among the various options available, the most common are the traditional job posting sites. Some of them, even, serve specific niches, and can be great alternatives to find talent from segments such as IT and communication.

Another good alternative is the LinkedIn, the largest social network for professional contacts in the world.

On the website, it is possible to publish resumes, vacancies, articles and form discussion groups, in addition to accessing exclusive tools for recruiters. Search filters and the power to create relationships are the biggest advantages of this platform.

There are also sites that take care of all stages of the selection process, providing tools for online tests and distance interviews, for example.

Another trend is the formation of professional marketplaces, in which companies search candidates' resumes, and not the other way around.

3. Bonus for referring talents

Request directions of the employees themselves to fill the company's vacancies is an excellent recruitment strategy.

Nobody better than the people who live the day to day of the organization to know who has the right profile to face the challenges of the business.

Many companies bonus their employees for the indication of professionals for open positions.

It is only necessary to take care to condition the benefit to the quality of the recommended professional, in order to maintain the high level of candidates in the selection processes.

4. Descriptions of attractive vacancies

THE vacancy description it's the first contact of the company with the candidate, so it should be written to make a great impression.

Organizational culture needs to be communicated right now, so that talent knows exactly what to expect in interviews and on a daily basis, if hired.

Pay attention to the language used and the content of the text, so that it is perfectly aligned with the organization's identity and values.

In addition, it is necessary to offer all the details about the desired technical and behavioral skills, so that the candidate can assess whether or not he is fit for the job.

5. Talent bank

Organize a talent bank is employee recruitment strategy very important in the long run.

Ideally, all CVs received should be cataloged and stored on a system. Thus, it will be easy to find the most suitable professionals when a new vacancy appears.

In addition to market professionals, the talent bank must also bring together internal employees.

Depending on the position, people who are already familiar with the company are the best options to assume the desired role and deliver the best results.

This is also a way of valuing and giving opportunity to employees who want to change jobs or departments.

We have reached the end of our list with the main employee recruitment strategies! Now that you are familiar with the subject, how about putting what you have learned into practice? Analyze the needs of your company, choose the most appropriate tactics and get to work!

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