5 new recruitment and selection trends

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5 new recruitment and selection trends

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Human capital is a company's main asset. After all, it is the employees who are responsible for the quality of the organization's services, making it remain relevant and competitive in the market. To build a good team, it is essential that HR always keep an eye on new trends in recruitment and selection.

In the search for talent, the current technological advances are able to optimize the work of the team and increase the efficiency of the operation.

With that in mind, we have put together in this article the biggest recruitment and selection trends for you to keep an eye from now on. Check it out below!

New recruitment and selection trends

Ok, we already know that in order to modernize HR it is necessary to be attentive to new recruitment and selection trends.

But what are these new features? How to apply them on a daily basis? For the avoidance of doubt, we have listed the five main practices that are taking over the market in Brazil and worldwide. Check it out below!

1. Social media

Social networks have revolutionized communication between companies and their stakeholders. And with job seekers it was no different.

The main professional relationship tool is LinkedIn. The site, which has more than 500 million users around the world! It enables the dissemination of resumes, vacancies and projects from all segments.

There is even a specific tool for recruiters: the LinkedIn Recruiter. Through it, it is possible to select search filters, view the main highlights of the network and build an extremely useful talent bank for HR.

In addition to LinkedIn, there are other great new recruitment and selection trends for finding candidates online. Among them, we can mention:

  • Facebook groups;
  • blogs;
  • forums;
  • vacancy sites;
  • and company evaluation platforms, such as Love Mondays.

2. Mobile devices

Smartphones have conquered an important role in our daily lives. Knowing the notifications on the cell phone is the first thing that many people do when they wake up or the last thing before going to sleep.

Therefore, mobile devices must be a priority in the communication of companies with people, whether customers, partners or market professionals.

There is an interesting fact that reinforces the importance of this new recruitment and selection trend.

According to a study by Glassdoor, 89% of professionals who are looking for a job consider the smartphone an important tool. Of these, 45% use their cell phones to search for vacancies at least once a day.

So it’s time to think of mobile devices as the talent’s first choice when looking for jobs, submitting applications and even sending tests.

Even better if all communication with the candidate is done online. For example: by email, messaging apps or specific platforms.

In addition to optimizing the process, this helps the company to build a modern image and aligned with best practices.

3. TRM (Talent Relationship Management) tools

TRM (Talent Relationship Management) softwares are systems that optimize the company's relationship with its talent bank.

They use data analysis, automation of contacts and dissemination of vacancies and relevant information about the organization.

In addition to the focus on candidates, this recruitment and selection trend also seeks to improve the relationship with other professionals in the market. These often do not yet know or are not interested in any specific position.

Employees already hired are also part of this public, as knowing them up close increases the chances of quality internal recruitments.

4. People analytics

People analytics is the application of Big Data and Business Intelligence techniques to HR processes.

In this method, software is used to collect and analyze relevant data about the company's workforce.

Through them, it is possible to assist the department in making important decisions about promotions, training and new hires.

The strategic use of data has been transforming the way companies select professionals.

With this tool, HR is able to accurately assess a candidate's behavioral profile, based on the analysis of tests and the crossing of data obtained in previous processes.

People Analytics is often applied alongside artificial intelligence technologies for recruitment and selection, which helps to make the process much faster.

The first screening of resumes, for example, can be done by robots, as well as the analysis of online interviews. Thus, the initial stages are completed in less time, speeding up the final decision.

5. Recruitment marketing

The essence of traditional marketing is to identify people's needs and create strategies to convert them into customers.

In recruitment marketing, the idea is the same, but with another focus: attracting talented individuals and transforming them into employees of the company.

One of the most effective techniques for this purpose is employer branding. The practice consists in building a good image as an employer in the market, in order to arouse the interest of the best talents in the market.

For this, it is necessary to disseminate the company's culture and the advantages of working on it in all communication channels with the public:

  • vacancy announcements;
  • social media;
  • site;
  • e-mails, among others.

Another of the new recruitment and selection trends is the inbound recruiting, which educates and builds relationships with many talents before they become candidates in your company.

The idea is to understand the person's job search journey and offer them the perfect information for their professional moment.

This is done through relevant content and personalized contacts, which create an organic approach.

Thus, interest in the company grows naturally and candidates arrive at selection processes much more prepared.

Impact of recruitment and selection on team formation

In high performance teams there is no room for professionals with average performance or who are not aligned with the company's objectives.

It is necessary to have efficient recruitment processes to ensure that only the most suitable talents fill the open positions.

In addition to making sure that you have chosen the candidate most adherent to the position, HR must also make sure to close the vacancy in the shortest possible time.

In this way, the team does not remain underdeveloped for a long time, which would damage performance. Reducing recruitment costs is also important to make investments more efficient.

By looking for new recruitment and selection trends, the company increases its chances of finding qualified professionals and identified with its values.

This is essential to increase talent retention, improve team performance and achieve great results for the business.

Find out how effective recruitment and selection can be with just a few steps! Access this free e-Book. Answer the form and receive it right now:

Now that you know the new recruitment and selection trends of today, how about putting what you’ve learned into practice?

Take advantage of new technologies that have appeared on the market to make your processes more efficient and reduce HR costs.

Also always keep an eye on the news, as the innovations do not stop appearing!

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