5 people management techniques to optimize your team’s results

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5 people management techniques to optimize your team's results

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One Desktop pleasant encourages professional and creative development and a healthy relationship between employees. It also reinforces shared values ​​and goals that can be decisive requirements for the success of an organization. For this reason, the Human Resources (HR) sector must be in constant search for better people management techniques.

People management is the area that meets the needs of interpersonal relationships in the workplace and performs the maintenance of the organizational climate.

Led by the HR sector, people management techniques can be implemented in all sectors of the company to motivate, retain and attract talent. And in this way to optimize the results of the entire organization.

If you want to know more about how people management activities affect the company's profitability, we recommend reading the article: “How to increase profitability through people management”.

To help you better understand the importance of the area for the quality and efficiency of work, we have prepared this post with all the details of the top five people management techniques. Check it out below and boost your team's performance. Good reading!

What is People Management?


People Management can be understood as a set of techniques that motivates, trains and develops the human capital of a company. Through the management of internal behavior, they are able to enhance the quality of life in the workplace and increase the productivity of the team.

Its strategic character allows leaders from all sectors to identify the true potentials of each employee and channel their talents and ambitions.

OIn other words, more than directing, people management techniques seek to find the best in each employee. When training the ed teamelect tasks according to the individual skills and abilities, the team optimizes its performance and improves the results of the company as a whole.

In addition, by knowing the workforce in depth, it is also possible to identify the weaknesses of each one and correct them as soon as possible. Some of the main tasks in the area are:

  • interpersonal relationship;
  • professional development;
  • organizational culture;
  • stimulating communication;
  • motivation work;
  • team work;
  • planning and participation;
  • flexibility and leadership.

Importance of people management techniques for companies

Employees are one of the main value tools of an organization, therefore prioritizing its quality of life in the work environment is a fundamental measure.

Companies that neglect this demand may suffer from declines in productivity, high turnover rates, absenteeism, low motivation, lack of concentration, among others.

For this reason, implementing people management techniques is essential to ensure the satisfaction and well-being employees.

In the search for immediate solutions, many organizations promote actions that bring punctual happiness to their workforce.

However, maintaining that state of fullness can be a challenge if improvement offers are not met. constants. Precisely for this reason, point solutions are not the best management option.

The people management techniques, which we will discuss in detail later, are strategically designed to build a lasting scenario.

In addition to maintaining harmony in interpersonal relationships, they also enable the creation of a stimulating and respectful environment, reinforcing the differential of the role of a person. good leadership.

5 main people management techniques

Check out the following five main people management techniques to optimize the results of your team of professionals.

1) Structured feedback

One of the most effective people management techniques is feedback culture structured, that is, that follow a methodology. It is the manager's responsibility to inform his team about the progress of the work, to bring this positioning in a personalized, periodic and professional manner.

It is important that the employee perceives the manager's interest in his activities. Therefore, it is essential that leadership:

  • map the role of each employee;
  • have your execution deadlines;
  • position your point of view;
  • point out the main qualities;
  • correct the faults;
  • teach.

That is, transforming the moment of feedback into an educational and motivational meeting. This is the differential.

2) Setting goals

With clear goals and a well-defined meritocratic recognition system, employees will be motivated to carry out their activities more efficiently and quickly.

A differential is to establish creative rewards, in which the competitive stimulus generates a healthy and fun integration in the work environment.

For this people management technique, managers should pay attention to proposing goals attainable and that encourage the proactivity of employees.

3) Performance awards

In addition to offering creative rewards, giving cash awards to employees is essential. Monetization is one of the people management techniques that encourages employee commitment and responsibility. So it is a strategic practice.

Some examples are:

  • salary increase;
  • bonus;
  • inclusion of a fixed annual fee;
  • increase in the percentage of profit sharing (profit sharing);
  • paid trips, among other options.

The cash reward for a job well done can be the missing stimulus.

4) Conflict management

One of the most challenging people management techniques is conflict mediation, since interpersonal relationships can generate friction of interest, opinions or beliefs.

Managers must find solutions that work for most of those involved and that do not leave noise or discomfort. Any problem involving employees will require empathy, patience and flexibility. That is why, at leaders should be objective.

5) Career development

Finally, the development of career plan. Whether by offering trainings, workshops, lectures or training courses, the identification of areas for professional growth and the offer of development are great ways to motivate your workforce.

In addition, it demonstrates that managers care about the future of each team member, encouraging their loyalty.

These are the five main people management techniques that your company needs to be aware of in order to start optimizing the team productivity.

With a good management of these initiatives, all sectors of the organization can benefit and the collective results can be enhanced.

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