5 reasons to be unburdened in the field of knowledge development

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We are convinced that it is very important to continuously learn to embrace as a company. By stimulating continuous learning, you as an organization remain relevant and your performance improves and you can respond flexibly to changes around you.

We also know that it is very difficult to create the right mindset and to maintain that continuous learning. That is why you can also look for a partner who takes care of you in the field of knowledge development.

We give you 5 reasons why you could choose this.

1.) You save time

By working with a partner who relieves you in the field of knowledge development, you save time, a lot of time. Drawing up a training plan that works is not something you just pass through.

You have to look for the training needs of your employees, where their competencies and talents lie and how they can develop them further. You have to match those needs with the mission and vision of your company. Where do you want to go as a company and which competencies do you need to develop to continue to fulfill your mission?

Once the training plan is in place, the real work begins. Because knowledge development is a continuous process that requires constant attention.

2.) You keep the right focus

Today's HR professional faces many challenges. Just think of complying with laws and regulations, recruiting and retaining talented employees and creating a diverse and equal culture in the workplace.

That is not bad, HR people are trained for that and they are good at it. But if you also have to clear your way through the jungle of training, that can sometimes become too much.

A good partner will help you set up, optimize and organize your learning environment. So that you can focus on what you are really good at.

focus knowledge development

3.) You don't have to invent the wheel yourself

Drawing up a training plan involves quite a bit of red tape. You have to search, compare, assess and then book courses. Then you must of course keep track of who is following which course and where, what progress is, whether an exam is being held, by which institute or examiner, and whether the exam has been passed.

A day job.

A good partner is familiar with this entire process and takes this work off your hands.

Which learning forms are desired, which learning paths match the learning goals of which employees, what are good training partners?

But a partner also monitors agreements such as the set KPIs, provides advice and coaching to keep the motivation of your employees up to date and carries out periodic evaluation measurements that focus on joint improvement actions.

4.) You can think ahead

If knowledge development is not your core business, it is difficult to think ahead. An experienced partner looks at influential socio-economic and social trends and how these translate into learning and development within organizations.

By recognizing and acknowledging these trends and their impact on learning early on, you can make a timely advance on the learning environment of the future and safeguard your right to exist.

5.) You can keep learning, even in difficult times

Some organizations cut training budgets when the economy is just going down. While it is important to keep learning and anticipating in difficult times.

A good partner provides a flexible learning environment that can facilitate different learning forms. In times of limited budgets, you can then invest in other learning methods, such as e-learning, internal knowledge sessions and knowledge sharing.

Such a flexible, future-oriented environment goes further than a training offer aimed at specific knowledge. In that case, setting up a digital environment for knowledge sharing is also a practical tool to ensure that the development of employees always continues. Even if there is temporarily less budget.


Are you curious about what a partner in knowledge development can do for your organization? Feel free to contact us on 026 – 205 1333 or info@mycademy.com. We like to think along with you!



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