5 soft skills that companies value most in employees

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The ability to relate and interact with people has become increasingly relevant to the profile of the professional in the job market. Companies that consider soft skills when analyzing resume, interview and selection they want to know the candidate beyond their technical knowledge.

Such skills relate to emotional skills that, for many recruiters, are already above the need of the professional's technical level when investing in their human capital.

The recruitment site CareerBuilder conducted a survey in the United States interviewing 2,138 managers and human resources professionals and the result is encouraging:

  • 77% of respondents stated that soft skills are as important as the candidate's technical specializations;
  • 16% of them consider them to be more important than technical skills;

After all, what are soft skills?

Soft skills can also be called behavioral skills and are nothing more than personal qualitative characteristics that value the professional, that is, it is the set of qualities that each person needs to successfully pursue a career, in addition to their technical training.

These qualities are related to personality and need to be developed during personal life. They are usually linked to people's emotional intelligence and reflect on the professional.

And what are the needs of the current market?

Constant technological and behavioral changes have transformed the demands and needs of the labor market.

More than ever, technical knowledge is needed to keep up with technological developments, but it is also essential to have a “waistline” to meet the needs of people and businesses, and bring immediate solutions.

Managers and employees need to be prepared and trained to meet the new consumer profile that has become curious, demanding and impatient.

For this reason, a professional needs to have the technical knowledge within his area, but also skills to solve problems quickly, efficiently and safely and that is where soft skills come in.

The most valued currently by the employer are:

Ease of communication

Communication is one of the most important soft skills when recruiting, as employers around the world prefer professionals who know how to communicate.

It is important to remember that the communication process goes beyond speech.

Often, the professional will need to use other resources, such as written messages, for example, to their leader, supplier, customer or coworker and needs to be understood.

Knowing how to listen is also part of the communication process.

Have positive attitudes

In addition to professional performance based on their technical skills, the employee must demonstrate good attitudes in the work environment.

Therefore, it is necessary that the employee has a friendly relationship with his co-workers, suppliers, partners and customers.

Have creative thinking

People with creative thoughts are more productive professionals and can easily find simple alternatives to solve a difficult situation.

This measure is essential for companies that need to scale quickly, especially startups.

Be resilient

Resilience is one of the most desired soft skills in a professional.

In the face of so many changes, crises and pressure that the market faces, the resilient professional is able to deal with the pressure and adapt to the changes in a more calm and confident way.

Have leadership skills

Employers are keeping an eye on the natural leader and those who behave with a team spirit, which is why they prefer to employ professionals who already show the ability to manage situations and people.

In general, companies think that it is easier for an employee to learn some new activity, such as operating a machine or a system, than to improve their behavioral skills.

Now that you know the 5 soft skills most valued when hiring a talent, count on HR Consultant UK to make the selection of the ideal professional for your business!



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