5 tips for not failing to welcome new employees

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5 tips for not failing to welcome new employees

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The welcome in an employee's company, or onboarding, is the set of training procedures and integration of the newly hired employee into the organization. In English, onboarding means precisely “boarding”, diving into the context and culture of an organization.

It aims to reduce the time it takes for a new member to adapt and reach their full potential within a team.

Onboarding has become more and more important among companies, due to the great competitiveness of the market, in which corporations can no longer wait 3 to 4 months for a professional to be fully ready to perform their tasks efficiently.

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Many companies still commit several flaws in this process, as they believe that a brief initial presentation at the time of hiring is enough to welcome them into the company and make newcomers feel comfortable in their roles.

However, it has become essential to pay greater attention to new members., developing an effective internal onboarding process, as this is the right time to demonstrate the company's corporate culture and norms and posture.

The welcome to the company brings the new employee closer to the business dynamic and is a rresponsibility of the HR department. Thus, as he is responsible for the entry and exit of any employee, he should also be concerned with issues regarding integration into the new team.

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Why is the welcome an important process?

Many organizations commit the mistake of expecting the novice to be able to figure out for themselves the type of organization and everyday norms the one you are becoming a part of, however, may be too late.

Several professionals end up leaving companies because they do not feel part of them or adapted your new team or work environment. Often, this happens precisely because of the lack of an inclusion process. That's why it's so It is important to invest in welcoming you to the company. and show employees how things actually work within the workplace.

Professionals, when they start out well prepared, informed and confident, tend to go through the first phase of adaptation and experience more easily, which generates greater benefits for him and for the organization itself.

Therefore, it is important that the company is ready to carry out the welcome process, but also prepare your internal team to welcome the new employee.

For this, it is essential develop some internal actions, such as integration with the team, immersion in the organizational culture (employees need to be clear about the company's position, what are its values, vision and mission), creating a strong team connection to welcome the new employee and the use of digital tools to better understand the individual characteristics of the professional.

Skipping this part, or doing it anyway, wanting the employee to demonstrate service at the first moment, can have negative results in the future.

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5 tips for not failing to welcome IN THE COMPANY

1- Leave employees on their own

When starting a new job, professionals find themselves in vulnerable and uncomfortable position initially, needing the help of the new organization to organize his new routine and adapt to the new job. In cases where the company does not offer the necessary assistance, it ends up suffering from high levels of employee turnover.

Therefore, it is essential to implement formal integration processes to build trust and loyalty among employees, increasing talent retention.

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2- Take time to start the onboarding process

Many wait their first day on the job to begin the welcome process at the company. However, a new trend that is bringing good results is “pre-integration”, which aims to involve new hires and start the welcome process before the first day on the job.

It can start as soon as the candidate signs the contract. This can “break the ice” for the new pro who will likely be nervous, allowing him to feel at ease. This reduces the number of dropouts and no-shows on the first day.

3- Very short integration process

Most companies have welcome processes that are less than a month long. This period is very short. Therefore, to get the most out of your new hires and maximize employee engagement and satisfaction, it is necessary to extend the integration processes for well over a month.

4- Not having a dedicated team for integration

It is essential to have a team responsible for maintaining and developing the procedures that involve welcoming you to the company. If you have a small business, you can simply assign the onboarding responsibility to a very engaged employee, or if you have a well-structured HR team, it will be the department's responsibility.

5- Not measuring the results of the process

As with all processes developed within the organization that have the purpose of measuring the development and performance of employees, in the welcome, employees must also have their results monitored. Thus, it is possible to measure and assess the changes needed to have increasingly successful integrations.

Providing new members with a welcome kit with basic items such as pens, notepads and calendars can help the company demonstrate how much it has high expectations for it.

In addition, creating an onboarding day for the entire team to participate can also be an effective socialization strategy for most companies. It is even possible to assign all new hires a partner who can show them around the organization. This creates bonds between team members, which can improve the work environment.

Importance welcome in the company

When there is not adequate support in the company's welcome process for the new employee to integrate easily, several problems can arise over time, increasingly generating less loyal, productive and engaged teams. This will directly affect the business and the image of the company vis-à-vis its customers. Therefore, always look for new ways to develop your team's onboarding and create efficient socialization processes.

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