5 traditional trades that must learn to do good for the planet

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Table of Contents

Posted on Dec 15, 2021 2021 at 12:49

1 – Purchasing manager

Beyond the missions traditionally linked to their position, purchasing managers must now act in accordance with a large number of legal obligations. At the same time, the Purchasing departments are working to obtain certifications and labels and ensure that their suppliers are committed to their side in achieving their sustainability objectives.

Purchasing managers are therefore facing an in-depth change in their profession. They must now take into account in their policy – in addition to the elements of financial performance – the management of procurement risks, while meeting the needs of operational staff, on sometimes specific subjects and with suppliers whose business models are evolving.

2 – Financial analyst

In the ongoing transition to a fairer and more sustainable economy, the finance sector has a major role to play. For some time now, this sector has sought to acquire profiles with broad skills, with the aim of analyzing and improving the societal and environmental impact of the financial products they offer.

The financial analyst of tomorrow will have to have the dual skills, both finance and CSR, in order to qualify the overall value – financial and extra-financial – of all the company's projects. The finance sector is now looking for profiles capable of integrating ESG (environmental, social and governance) criteria to ensure investors are supporting impact projects.

3 – Marketing manager / Communication manager / Product manager

One thing is certain: marketing and communication professionals have a key role to play in including environmental and social issues at the highest level of organizations. But for tomorrow, it is a question of going even further.

In the very design of a product, the product manager must take into account the environmental impact of the product as a whole (life cycle analysis, carbon footprint, recyclability).

The marketing officer, for his part, now has an obligation of transparency: environmental standards being strengthened and consumers increasingly informed.

Regarding the communications manager, his main challenge will be to choose the most responsible communication possible in the development of his communication action and in the dissemination of the message (channels, communication media, events, etc.) but also to analyze the impacts environmental impact of its communication campaigns.

Three trades therefore which must constantly be on standby in order to adapt and evolve to meet the demands of consumers and new regulations.

4 – Administrative and financial director

Faced with new expectations and the reality of climate change, environmental and societal risks such as reputational risk and climate risk have become financial risks.

The CSRD directive will impose the integration of ESG criteria in the overall and long-term performance of companies, with a greater number of companies that will be affected. The administrative and financial director of 2022 must truly be able to understand and take into account the extra-financial criteria of his company.

5 – Responsible for general services

A true conductor, the general services manager is in charge of the services necessary for the proper functioning of the company. It must now integrate a dimension of sustainability into the various policies it implements such as the car and mobility policy (carbon footprint of the fleet), the energy performance of buildings, taking into account on-site biodiversity, QVT and office spaces.


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