6 characteristics of modern HR

6 characteristics of modern HR

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In recent years, several corporate routines have undergone changes, and with the people management it was no different. The advancement of technology has brought a different dynamic to the job market, requiring a change in the sector's posture. In this new reality, the Modern HR it needs to act in a much more strategic way than in the past.

To help you adapt, we have listed in this article the main features of modern HR:

    • strategic planning;
    • process automation;
    • employer branding;
    • data analysis;
    • behavioral management;
    • innovation in benefits.

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1. Strategic planning

To establish a modern HR, it is necessary to stop being an operational sector and start to act in a more strategic way. In other words, the department must stop being just reactive and start anticipating changes, through a good planning.

This working model facilitates the retaining talent it's the employee engagement, in addition to placing HR as an essential support base for company leaders.

The first step in good strategic planning is to have a organizational culture well defined. From there, all important people management decisions must be guided by this culture: hiring, directing resources and setting goals.

To assess the achievement of the objectives, consideration should be given to HR indicators, such as the level of employee satisfaction and turnover rate, between others.

Another important part of planning is monitor competition. Your company must always be aware of what other companies have been doing in terms of recruitment, compensation and benefits. Thus, it will be possible to adapt processes and stay one step ahead in the war for talent.

2. Process automation

The use of technologies for automate routines it is one of the main foundations of modern HR. In this way, it is possible to make HR processes more agile and precise, from recruitment to strategic people management decisions.

A clear example of this advantage is the screening of resumes selection processes. If before it was necessary to analyze one by one to decide who would be invited to the next stages, today the screening takes place in a matter of seconds.

Candidates fill in their information on a standard form and HR searches by keyword, automatically eliminating professionals who are not adhering to the vacancy.

The same agility can be achieved in vacation control, payroll and other processes, through automatic calculations and information stored in the cloud,

This reduces the overhead of tasks for the HR team, allowing the team to save energy for processes that really need to be performed in person.

3. Employer branding

One of the main practices of modern HR, the employer branding consists of using marketing strategies to build a good brand image as an employer. This is essential for the company to become desired by market professionals and, thus, attract more talent<span style=”font-weight: 400;”>.

For this, it is necessary to use the communication channels to disseminate the values ​​and culture of the company, drawing the attention of potential candidates for future vacancies.

As important as good publicity is act truthfully and transparently. After all, selling a different image of what the workplace really is is going to have the opposite effect, driving people's interest away rather than attracting.

Communication strategies can be simple and low cost, such as showing the work environment on social networks or posting vacancies with photos of employees in the sector.

Internal marketing actions they are also important for employer branding, since good communication with the internal public has the power to make employees more engaged. With that, they become spokespersons for their brand and play in favor of building the company's image as a good employer.

4. Data analysis

With the advancement of technology, companies started to produce data in an amount never seen before. It is the role of modern HR to seek alternatives to use this information accumulation in a useful way. And this is where the importance of big data.

This concept consists of using tools to collect and store countless amounts of data, extracted from different sources. At strategic moments, these data are analyzed and transformed into knowledge, which facilitates the creation of HR plans and strategies.

Thus, all important sector decisions, such as hiring, career plans and promotions, among others, are no longer subjective and are based on hard data.

5. Behavioral management

THE behavioral management it is a current practice and consistent with what is expected from a modern HR. The proposal is change the look on people management<span style=”font-weight: 400;”>, focusing on the behavior of employees, candidates and leaders.

Of course, technical skills and competences still need to be considered, but in this model the priority is different. With the right tools, you can map the behavioral trends of each, such as the leadership style and the main soft skills.

With this, it is possible to select candidates with more foundation, delegate the most appropriate tasks for each professional and improve investments in training, among other common activities in the HR sector.

6. Innovation in benefits

Common benefits like meal ticket and medical insurance they are no longer enough to keep employees happy. It is necessary to go beyond the traditional to stand out in the market and attract the attention of the best professionals.

Companies with modern HR seek to innovate in benefits package, offering advantages that are relevant to the daily lives of employees. Agreements with gyms, for example, are a great alternative to make life easier for employees and to stimulate physical activity.

Other good examples are the possibility of home office and flexible schedules, which give employees more control over their own routine.

Now that you know the main characteristics of modern HR, how about putting what you've learned into practice? Always seek to implement new technologies and consider the needs of your employees in people management. So, your company will surely be able to stand out and start at the front in war for talent.

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