6 common mistakes candidates make in interviews

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6 common mistakes candidates make in interviews

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There are many common mistakes that candidates make in interviews, and they are not even aware of it. As a result, HR specialists learn to evaluate them in advance, making it difficult to put them back on the market. Below, we highlight the main ones, so that candidates understand what is expected – or not – of them:

Whether due to anxiety, lack of preparation or even lack of interest, HR professionals know in advance the main common mistakes that candidates make in interviews.

This contributes, for example, for them to consider other professionals for open positions in companies. However, for potential candidates, these characteristics may go unnoticed.

And do you know the result of that? They repeat, in the following interview, and in the others. A question that makes it immensely difficult replacement in the job market.

How about checking out this article, then, to find out what are the common mistakes that candidates make in interviews and learn how to avoid them? Just follow us as you read this post!

The 6 common mistakes candidates make in interviews

1. Vague answers

It is undeniable that, regardless of the open position, the HR specialists pay attention to the candidates who stand out the most in their positions. responses or tests applied.

No wonder, among the common mistakes that candidates make in interviews, vague responses tend to facilitate recruiters' decision-making.

This means that lack of commitment or openness and willingness to share their experiences can make it difficult for HR employees to analyze. As a result, an interesting job opportunity may be being missed by the candidate.

It is convenient to practice some of the questions most applied by recruiters, in the selection processes, so that the answers are previously planned and answered naturally. Because we can already say, among others common mistakes that candidates make in interviews, that artificiality in responses are not well seen by interviewers.

2. Lack of attention to the opportunity description

There are many reasons that lead a person to apply for a selection process that they do not have much affinity with. THE pressure for a professional replacement is one of them.

However, on other occasions, the individual applies without paying due attention to the job description. And why does this become one of the common mistakes that candidates make in interviews? Simply because:

  • HR may have a predefined profile for the position, and already discards the profile of a person who has nothing to do with the vacancy;
  • the curriculum can be discarded because recruiters have already realized that the professional does not pay attention to the basic details of the opportunity;
  • this professional may lose the chance to join other selective processes of that same company.

Think, for example, that lying or not paying attention to vacancy description can cause problems if you beat the competition with other candidates.

See it in practice

Imagine if good communication skills, to deal with customers and suppliers, is a requirement, but has not been effectively explored in the selection process – and that is a major point of improvement for you.

So, on a daily basis, this skill will be continuously tested and you may not get the desired result because your preparation is still far from ideal, and these results will be reflect on your performance.

Gradually, if this issue is not resolved, HR will resort to an increase in turnover index to replace this lack in the team, returning the candidate to the job market without having developed his skills as expected.

Avoid lies and inattention to vacancy description, therefore. In turn, continually focus on your development. Evaluate what can be better worked and prepare to have more to do with the requirements of your sector.

3. Lack of research on the company

Going to a job interview without knowing elementary questions about the company is, without a doubt, one of the great common mistakes that candidates make in interviews.

When this happens, the individual shows total unpreparedness about the organization's profile, the reality of that market, the needs of the position and, still, he will have little affinity regarding the objectives thought for that enterprise.

In turn, when the candidate goes after this information – easily found on the internet and on the company's own digital channels -, he can highlight in the interview, demonstrating a greater understanding of what can make you stand out among other candidates.

4. Inadequate posture for a professional encounter

This can be highlighted either in face-to-face or telephone interviews or through a video conference.

It is important that candidates act like a professional: ethics, commitment and respect, but posture and body language should also be considered. Especially in distance interviews. Below are some tips to avoid embarrassing situations in this regard:

  • try to maintain an adequate posture (even more in videoconferences);
  • create a harmonious environment so that the person, on the other side of the call, perceives a professional air from his / her interlocutor;
  • do the interview in a location with as few distractions as possible. Also, focus on a lighted area that allows dialogue without noise;
  • seek a good connection so that the call is fluid and free from problems, such as unforeseen interruptions;
  • eye contact must be maintained, even if you are talking through a camera.

This makes it easier to expose your message and convey it not only through your words, but also through your actions.

5. Lack of self-knowledge

Have you ever experienced any of these issues in a selection process?

  • Talk more about you;
  • comment on your main professional characteristics;
  • what points do you think should be better addressed?

Among other questions that need good arguments to impress the recruiter without that, the candidate lacks the truth.

And, in general, this fits among the common mistakes that candidates make in job interviews because, without well-worked self-knowledge, the individual “Hangs”, does not articulate the answers and runs the risk of falling into that first misunderstanding (the vague answers).

Therefore, know who you are, what you are looking for, in a job opportunity, and be honest about all your qualities. In general, you learn to use all of these aspects to your benefit, even if they are aspects that still need to be developed.

6. Negativity

We can use this last point as a complementary outcome to the previous topic: negative candidates, who depreciate warned or inadvertently fall into the same category. common mistakes that candidates make in job interviews.

Avoid this behavior – and not just in interviews – and, instead, promote an air of confidence, positivism and conviction.

Uncertainties make it difficult to convey a message active and objective. Especially when recruiters ask how you would react to certain types of situations.

Just pay attention to this: we are not telling you to lie. Negativity is not good, period. For each question that you are asked, choose the reason, neutrality or even logical argumentation. O negativism out of habit, it interferes with your responses as it is exclusively emotional.

See how it is possiblel avoid the common mistakes that candidates make in interviews? Do you have other vices or ineffective habits in the selection process, and would you like to share your experiences with us? So, use the comment field below, and let's expand this discussion!



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