6 consequences of wrong hiring that impact the entire company

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6 consequences of wrong hiring that impact the entire company

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The wrong hiring is a serious problem in organizations, as it interferes with the collective productivity of each team, and can evolve to chronic symptoms if these issues are not diagnosed, and resolved, quickly. Among the main consequences, we highlight the following:

  1. Misalignment in the hiring profile;
  2. Impact on team harmony;
  3. Reflection on the level of excellence promoted by the company;
  4. Extra time in the development of professionals;
  5. The wrong hiring makes it difficult to attract and retain talent;
  6. Your organizational culture is impacted.

Anyone who has built a house of cards knows the sadness that accumulates in seeing them collapse due to the wrong positioning one of them, on the stack.

And you know what? Even those who have never done this activity can identify with the feeling. Especially, if you have already savored the consequences of a wrong hiring.

This is because the problems related to this wrong decision accumulate and can put a lot to lose, and not just the little piece that was put out of place.

Do you want to know what these consequences are for your HR sector to be inspired to better plan their selection processes? Check, then, what are the 6 problems of wrong hiring in the company!

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6 consequences of wrong hiring that impact the entire company

1. Misalignment in the hiring profile

Let’s start with the most obvious: the wrong hiring, without criteria, creates an immediate malaise in the composition of the company, which is the possibility of having a professional without the profile for the position – or even for the company.

Just think about the following situation: for a specific leadership position, HR would need someone who is agile, agile and with practical knowledge in specific software. And the hired person is almost the opposite extreme of all the qualities mentioned above.

Can you understand how harmful this is in the short and medium term? Everything that had been planned is negatively impacted by the arrival of a professional who does not understand or act according to the plan.

To this end, HR has to plan, in detail, a series of criteria to be analyzed and required when selecting candidates’ resumes. Know, in advance, the profile of the company and then the one that best adapts to the positions of the organization.

2. Impact on team harmony

One wrong hiring can also interfere in the harmony existing in the team. Disruptive behavior, for example, or individualistic in a place that values ​​collaboration can contaminate everyone over time.

Not to mention a more technical profile within a specifically creative area. Here, the care is taken in designing the profiles for each area and, specifically, for each position. Otherwise, these disagreements occur that can not only undermine collective productivity, but induce chronic demotivation and even resignations.

3. Reflection on the level of excellence promoted by the company

The problems of a wrong hiring they also expand beyond the boundaries of the company. After all, this is also reflected in the quality of the service provided or the products offered.

It is worth noting, here, that the average cost to attract new customers tends to be greater than the investment required to work with customer loyalty.

I.e: because of a wrong hiring, your company may lose loyal customers and spend even more to gradually recover smaller profits. The worst thing is that, many times, it takes us a long time to realize that the problem started from this very common activity in the company.

4. Extra time in professional development

Firing professionals constantly is a bad professional attitude for several reasons. For example:

Not to mention that, if this becomes a common practice, for the company, brand perception will be negative among professionals. After all, who will want to join an organization notoriously known for firing its employees.

In these situations, many enterprises choose to polish the professionals to investigate the possibility of reconciling the profiles. It is not possible to point out which decision may have the expected effect. Even because the right answer would be: qualify the selection process of your company and avoid that your professionals have to decide for the “less worse” alternative.

5. The wrong hiring makes it difficult to attract and retain talent

Mentioned above, it is worth emphasizing that companies that devalue their human resources they may find themselves faced with a common scenario of layoffs and high levels of turnover.

As we have seen, this is too expensive, promotes a negative perception in the market, and disqualifies your company’s talents, also affecting the quality of your services or products.

An accumulation of problems, therefore, as happens when we insert the playing card in an established way on the fragile castle.

6. Your organizational culture is impacted

Finally, it is worth noting how much the wrong hiring it also influences the overall organization: its culture. It is through it that the consumer perceives the Brand “personality” and relate to it.

When the wrong signings they accumulate, this DNA is lost, and it can scare the consumer. More than that: internally, people can stop recognizing themselves in company values ​​and mission.

The result of this has already been reported sequentially: low motivation and productivity, costs with terminations, loss of value in the market … There are many issues that, directly or indirectly, immediately influence the harmony of the company.

Avoid the wrong hiring by qualifying your HR

As we have seen, the great solution to avoiding wrong hiring is to HR sector qualification – the area of ​​recruitment and selection, specifically.

Therefore, it is necessary to evaluate the profile of the organization and, from there, define what are the behavioral profiles and the competencies and skills required to fill each position.

As a result, your professionals will know exactly what to look for in a candidate in the selection processes.

And to you? What are the major challenges and impacts that the wrong hiring causes in the organization of the company? Share your opinion with us in the comments field!



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