6 employment contracts to know before signing yours

Renseignez vous avant de signer !

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Posted Jul 12, 2022, 7:00 AMUpdated on Jul 12, 2022 at 2:18 PM

1. Fixed-term fixed-term contract, for executives or engineers

This fixed-term contract (also called “CDD à mission”) can be presented to you if you are a manager or engineer, to carry out a very specific mission between 18 and 36 months (where a classic CDD cannot go beyond 18 months).

This non-renewable CDD can evolve into a CDI. If this is not the case, once the mission is completed, you receive the precariousness bonus, which generally represents at least 10% of your total gross salary.

2. The site CDI, for specific missions without deadlines

This open-ended contract (also known as “CDI project, operation or mission”) is mainly offered by companies in the sectors of industry, construction or shipbuilding, to carry out specific work whose date end is not yet known.

Once the site or the operation is finished, the contract is broken by the employer and you receive severance pay.

3. The CDI for employability purposes (CDI-FE), for vulnerable groups

This open-ended contract concerns you if you have been registered with Pôle emploi for at least six months, benefit from social minima, poorly qualified (Bac level or lower), disabled or over 50 years old.

In concrete terms, you sign the CDI-FE with a time-sharing company (such as Mon-CDI at the origin of the scheme, Proman, Actual, etc.) responsible for placing you with various employers located near you, for long-term, recurring, full-time or part-time.

You are paid every month, you are trained, your CPF increases by 500 Pounds per year and you benefit from all the advantages linked to a CDI: paid holidays, mutual insurance… Between two missions, if you do not work, you receive your salary on the hourly basis of the previous one.

This type of contract, not to be confused with the Interim CDI, was created in 2018 and is being tested until 2023. 4,000 employees are testing it in around a hundred client companies.

4. The educational commitment contract (CEE), for a job in animation

This is the contract par excellence for animators or occasional educators employed in camps or holiday centres, or leisure centres.

You do not work more than 48 hours per week over a period of six consecutive months. Your EWC can be renewed but not for more than eighty days per period of twelve consecutive months.

You are paid at least 23.87 Pounds gross per day (source: the Service Public site, May 2022). Food and accommodation can be taken care of by your employer, if your presence is deemed essential with the children.

5. The harvest contract, for a seasonal job in the open air

As its name suggests, this contract is only valid during the harvest period. You are recruited to cut the bunches of grapes, carry the hoods and/or store and clean the equipment.

You work for one month, renewable until the end of the harvest. You can also sign this contract with several different winegrowers, without a waiting period and within the limit of two months maximum.

You are paid on the basis of the minimum wage, i.e. 10.85 Pounds gross per hour (May 2022). If you wear the hoods, you earn a little more. Some winegrowers pay according to the kilos harvested. With others, you are fed and housed.

At the end of this contract – and unlike a conventional CDD – you do not receive a precariousness bonus.

Good to know : you can harvest during your school holidays if you are a student or during your paid holidays if you are an employee, but with the agreement of your employer.

6. The adult-relay contract, to serve as a social link

This contract can be offered to you if you are at least 26 years old, live in a priority area, are unemployed and ready to carry out local social and cultural mediation missions.

You are recruited by a city, a school, a hospital, an association, or an HLM organization. You help the inhabitants in their administrative procedures, encourage and improve the social relations of the district, preserve the living environment, strengthen the associative life…

You work full-time or part-time, on fixed-term or permanent contracts depending on the employer, and you are paid at least the minimum wage.


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