6 management models to adopt in your company

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6 management models to adopt in your company

Table of Contents

Management models are a set of strategies that aim to contribute to achieving results.

In this article, we will talk about how management models can influence the team in performing tasks with greater efficiency and boosting the achievement of results. We will present six management models that can help you choose what best fits your company's profile.

How to choose the ideal management models for my company profile?

Management models are a set of strategies adopted by the company to coordinate the team in carrying out tasks and capturing results. However, what is the ideal management model?

Among the various management models, there is no ideal, but the one most convenient for your company at that time. Therefore, the managers they always need to be attentive, with a strategic look at the work the company is doing.

Knowing what your company needs is a big challenge. And choosing the ideal management model requires planning, professional preparation and business strategy.

This knowledge of the market and each of the management models can be decisive when defining the management process that the company needs.

Below we list the most common management models on the market. Choose the one that best fits your company's reality right now. Check out!

What are the management models?

Given the various management models in the market, it is necessary to know the functions and characteristics of each one of them. Today we will talk specifically about six models. Are they:

  • Democratic management;
  • Meritocratic Management;
  • Management focused on results;
  • Management focused on processes;
  • Authoritarian management;
  • Value chain management.

Democratic management

Democratic management is one of the management models where employees have a voice to contribute to decision-making.

Undeniably, this model offers a greater chance of engagement of its collaborators, for their intense participation. However, it can also be dangerous.

If there is no consensus with opposing opinions, this type of management can generate great friction within the team. The democratic management model requires experience and preparation of managers and leaders, who need to know how to deal with employees.

Professionals who do not have communication skills should not apply democratic management, as this is the great differential of this model.

Meritocratic Management

One of the management models is based on meritocracy. Therefore, managers adopt and choose to have as their main focus their employees with the highest performance and performance.

The strength of this model is that the entire team can become more engaged, as they know that recognition depends only on their own performance.

The weakness in this management model is the creation of a environment competitive, which can affect team relationships. Since many employees do not know how to deal with competition at work.

To choose the meritocratic management model, the manager must be prepared to be impartial. Always opting for transparency and respect for employees.

Management focused on results

The result is what really matters! In order to focus on results, this management model is not based on formulas, and the way adopted to achieve the goals comes in second.

The focus on results is ideal for companies that need quick solutions, as the focus is on goals and not long-term planning.

Management focused on processes

Focused on methods and procedures, the management models based on processes always seek perfection and improvement of executions.

The positive side of this type of model is that the results tend to be longer lasting.

In fact, the professionals responsible for managing the team in this process need to be very skilled, as they will always have to pay attention to the smallest details.

authoritarian management

Of the management models available, this is perhaps the most contradictory in the market since the central figure in the entire process is the manager himself.

However, with any business strategy, this model has its good and bad side. The downside is that the team has almost no voice. In this case, the manager is largely responsible for all decisions.

Many companies see this management model as beneficial, especially when they have newly graduated and inexperienced professionals. With the purpose of shielding the team and giving support to everyone.

The requirement of an authoritarian model needs to be based on dialogue and charisma, as that way, everyone will respect the manager's opinions and decisions.

Value chain management

The value chain is one of the management models that most demands market research, combined with the attempt to meet the needs of customers.

In this case, the company has the right professionals to understand and build the strategy based on customer expectations.

Therefore, the manager's goal is to organize the team to carry out the tasks always based on what the customer wants and what he should like.

If you have any questions, check out this explanatory video:

Which one is right for my company?

Having numerous management models available does not necessarily mean that your company needs to choose just one of them.

Flexibility is the key to management, as professionals need to have the option of choosing the best model for that moment.

Although companies prefer and opt for some of the management models, they rarely manage to follow the same pattern every time.

By the way, as we said above, this can be a mistake, since the ideal is to choose the best model given the situation your company has been going through.

It is important, before choosing one of the management models, to analyze the reality of your company and question yourself “what does she need now?”. Thus, you decrease the chances of error.

What management model did you most identify with? Let us know by leaving your comment below.


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