6 recruitment and selection trends 2021

6 recruitment and selection trends 2020

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What defines a company's success is the quality of its employees. There is no point in having the best physical structure and state-of-the-art technology if there is no respectful team behind it all. Therefore, it is essential to keep an eye on recruitment and selection trends 2021 to attract the best talent.

Every year there are new features to improve the selection processes and people management practices in organizations. Thinking about it, here we list the biggest news for you to put on the radar in the coming months:

  1. Candidate tracking system (ATS);
  2. Social Hiring;
  3. Recruitment date driven;
  4. Assessment by interpersonal skills;
  5. Focus on culture;
  6. Diversity and inclusion.

To learn more about these trends, keep following the post!

1. Candidate tracking system (ATS)

Applicant Tracking System (ATS), or candidate tracking system, is one of the biggest trends in recruitment and selection 2021. It is a recruitment technology enhanced, that facilitates the selection process from side to side.

This type of tool allows the publication of vacancies and the automated screening of resumes, which speeds up the search for the ideal candidate.

It is also possible to apply technical and behavioral tests, request the sending of videos, do remote interviews and even send automatic messages about the next stages of the selection.

All of these features make the hiring process faster and more dynamic, reducing costs style=”font-weight: 400;”> it's the vacancy closing time, important indicators for measuring the quality of HR work.

Depending on the platform, it is even possible to identify the most suitable recruitment model for the company's reality.

two. Social Hiring

THE social hiring, or social recruitment, is another of the major trends in recruitment and selection 2021. The technique consists of use of social networks to plot talent attraction and loyalty strategies. And that involves much more than posting a vacancy on Facebook and waiting for the resumes to arrive.

Just as the sale of products needs to have good marketing planning, so does the hiring of employees. After all, despite having different goals, the two tasks involve convincing people that your company is the best for them.

For this, it is essential to invest in employer branding and on candidate experience, using channels online to reinforce the organizational culture and all the positives of working in the company.

In social hiring, everything goes through social media, since the publication of a vacancy in the LinkedIn until the production of videos for the YouTube.

This process is not just to find candidates to fill urgent vacancies. The big advantage is being able to create a lasting relationship with market professionals, always disseminating relevant content to bring them closer and closer.

That way, when an opportunity arises, the company will know who to hire much more quickly and easily.

3. Recruitment data driven

The term data driven refers to use of data for planning corporate strategies. In the case of recruitment and selection, a data analysis well done can be crucial to getting new talent right.

The strategy consists of extracting information from all the hires made by the company in a certain time interval. This will reveal the entire path taken so that the best professionals on the team have arrived at the company, generating insights valuable on how to conduct the next selection processes.

This 2021 recruitment and selection trend clearly shows recruiters what has worked and what hasn't, allowing the company to direct its efforts towards more effective practices. The tactic also allows for the correction of problems before losses occur, further reducing the risk of failure.

4. Competency assessment

When it comes to competency assessment, managers usually work only with an obvious list of skills, such as knowledge in a certain software, proactivity and good relationship with colleagues.

However, one of the 2021 recruitment and selection trends is for companies to start going much further.

It's needed see the candidate individually and according to the function he is going to performr. For example, in a writing position, it is essential that the person has a good text, right?

However, if the target audience is young people, a professional tuned in memes and the web will do much better than someone without this characteristic, even if the person has impeccable grammar.

Observing this type of nuance is important for the assessment by competences to have the desired effect on recruitment and selection.

5. Focus on culture

In a Glassdoor research, 77% of respondents said company culture is one of the most important factors when applying for a job. For 56%, culture counts more than salary when it comes to job satisfaction.

These figures show that the focus on culture is one of the main recruitment and selection trends of 2021. If in recent years this was already evident, this demand tends to increase with the consolidation of the Y generation and the arrival of generation Z in the business market.

This is because the relationship of young people with work is different from that of veterans. They seek less for career stability and more for purpose and personal satisfaction. Without an adequate culture, it is impossible to meet these needs, which means difficulty in attracting and retaining these talents.

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6. Diversity and inclusion

We already talk about diversity and inclusion in the job market for some time, but one of the 2021 recruitment and selection trends is for companies to start doing it the right way.

Increasingly, organizations understand that diversity is not just a marketing ploy, but a practice that adds results. Companies with employees from different social groups are 33% more likely to obtain better results, according to one McKinsey study.

In addition, in an environment with more worldviews and points of view, employees tend to be more creative and to have a better perception of the company.

But how to recruit with a focus on diversity? Well, this is not an easy task, as we are stuck with old habits that end up surfacing, even if unconsciously. However, some tips can help change the way you think about hiring:

  • create a culture of diversity, encouraging everyone in the company to contribute with inclusive actions;
  • in double check in job descriptions to ensure that the text does not discourage any minority from applying;
  • assess diversity by department. If your company hires minorities, but they are all in low positions, it means that recruitment is still hooked.

Now that you’re familiar with the top 2021 recruitment and selection trends, how about putting what you've learned into practice? Analyze the situation of your company and implement the actions we discussed throughout the post, always according to your needs. And remember to always watch the market to discover new trends!

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