6 tips for not losing talent in the company

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6 tips for not losing talent in the company

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a talented professional can be up to eight times more productive, revealed a study of McKinsey. Therefore, it is essential to follow tips for not losing talents and keep the company close to good results.

That's because companies that have qualified professionals are always ahead of the competition. Because, processes and problem solving become easier, new ideas are constant and work excellence is always a priority.

Although, retain talents It is a great challenge and directly involves concrete actions that keep employees happy and engaged with their work.

But what are these tips for not losing talent? We have separated some of them to help you avoid the turnover of good professionals.

What is Talent Retention

Talent retention can be explained as a set of actions developed by companies to reduce the turnover rate. If you want to know more about turnover, read our article: “Turnover: what is it, how to reduce and understand EVERYTHING about the acceptable index!”

This strategy seeks to encourage the most talented professionals to engage each day more with the organization's objectives and policies. Thus, it is possible to hold it longer, generating countless benefits for the company. However, an uncut talent can be a failure within the company.

This is said by the reference of the administration, Idalberto Chiavenato, who says that:

“You cannot approach talent in isolation as a closed system. On its own it does not go far, as it needs to exist and coexist within a context that allows it freedom, autonomy and support in order to expand”.

Tips for not losing talent

64% of organizations recognize that they have difficulties in being able to retain some talent, according to a survey by HayGroup. Therefore, it is essential to use some actions and tips so as not to lose talent.

In other words, the company has a fundamental role so that a given professional chooses to stay a long time in the organization. Below you can find 6 tips for not losing talents.

Offer innovative benefits

40% of professionals put a attractive benefits package as essential to keep them in the company, showed a research of Catho. And in the current market, finding innovative benefits, in addition to the traditional ones, can be a great differential.

In this line of tips for not losing talent, innovation is an important item. Since the so-called non-mandatory benefits appear as a great stimulator of professional development.

Among the main innovative benefits we can highlight the home-office, salary on demand, culture voucher, gym voucher, scholarship and flexible hours.

Each item of this can make all the difference to convince your employee to stay or not in the company for a long time.

Enable chances for professional growth and development

Good talents need to be honed frequently. Since they want to be constantly growing and have the company's support for their professional development.

Therefore, one of the tips for not losing talent is to give employees a chance to grow. Opportunities where they can expand their skills and knowledge.

According Kelly's survey, 73% of professionals value professional growth opportunities as an important factor to stay or not in the company in the short, medium or long term.

62% say they identify more with companies that have education and training programs in their people management plan.

Make the work routine more flexible

O work for me study showed that 31% of UK residents professionals wish to have flexible working hours and consider this point to be a determining factor in their career.

Even so, a AON study showed that the number of companies that have adopted this flexible working model have grown over 192% in the last two years. Therefore, this is one of the main tips for not losing talent.

Recognizing the desires and needs of the employee and betting on resources such as flexible hours, as currently being able to reconcile personal and professional life is essential for most professionals.

Work flexibility, then, became a great differential for companies to keep their professionals for longer in the organization.

Offer a harmonious organizational climate

A good organizational environment is more important than remuneration for 6 out of ten professionals, showed a Value survey. Thus, one of the tips for not losing talent is create actions to maintain a harmonious organizational climate.

After all, when the environment is favorable for talent to put their skills into practice, the chances of success are much greater. That's because with a good environment, engagement, motivation and the happiness of being there are consequences.

In order for the company to be able to implement tips for not losing talent in this sense, it can start with climate surveys to measure employee satisfaction.

In addition, you can also develop actions such as birthday celebrations, awards based on results and even lectures and motivational events.

Adopt a feedback culture

One ARCH Profile Solutions research showed that more than 43% of professionals end up being discouraged when they do not receive any feedback.

That is, feedback appears as one of the main tips for not losing talent. This is because through it the employee knows exactly what steps to take in the company to achieve results.

if there isn't feedback there is an absence of focus and direction of tasks, where the professional acts by himself and does not know if the work is being done well or not.

Therefore, the feedback culture occupies a prominent place among the tips for not losing talent. It can be a stimulus for the professional to maintain good performance, but also a tool for redirecting strategy and correcting errors.

Valuing employees

Motivated employees produce 50% more, indicated a survey by Right Management. And motivation necessarily involves professional development.

Recognizing the work of your talent is the chance you have to further enhance your skills.

That's why professional enhancement is among the main tips for not losing talent. Since when the employee recognizes that the company values ​​their work, he works more engaged and willing to follow the proposed objectives.

With this, for example, the rates of absenteeism and turnover. A simple compliment such as: “great job” can last for days and be that point that was missing for you to motivate a certain professional.

Changing the Talent Retention Landscape

Finding tips for not losing talent is one of the main challenges that HR areas have in their routines. The loss of a talent can be traumatic as it can compromise results and give your competitor the opportunity to hire the professional who left.

However, when companies follow to the letter some tips for not losing talent, the tendency is to know exactly which strategies will be effective with your team. In this sense, the trend is to create a happier, more motivated and more productive team.

Throughout this article, we present data and tips for not losing talent in the market. Depicting the importance of actions in which the employee becomes a valuable asset for the company.

Because, when the organization recognizes that it needs its professionals to grow and share its goals and challenges with it, to walk together, it has great chances of achieving success.

Did you like our article and want to know more about the topic? Read our article “Talent Retention: what is it and how to retain talent in organizations?


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