6 tips on how to organize a year-end get-together at the company

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Como organizar confraternização de fim de ano na empresa

Table of Contents

The end-of-year parties are meetings organized by companies to encourage integration among employees. But do you know how to organize a year-end get-together at the company? HR Consultant UK teaches you. Check out the tips!

In this article we will address questions about:

  • how to organize a year-end party at the company;
  • what is the importance of the HR sector in planning this event;
  • how the employee should behave in this moment

What are New Year's Eve parties?

The end-of-year parties are meetings organized by companies for the integration and fraternization of their employees.

The main objective of these events is to bring employees together, creating a fraternal and relaxed atmosphere.

Adopting this strategy is to encourage the retention of talent. Want to know more? We recommend that you download this eBook for free! Answer the form and receive:

But learning how to organize a year-end get-together at the company requires planning so that the meeting really values ​​the relaxation and does not become something boring and boring.

it is necessary that managers and the human resources sector are involved and engaged in the organization and build a company fraternization message, so that employees are willing and comfortable to participate.

How to invite?

How to choose the best place?

Do I need to force my collaborator to participate?

We have prepared some tips on how to organize a year-end get-together at the company. Let's clear up HR's main doubts regarding the company's year-end parties. Check out!

How to organize a year-end get-together at the company: step by step

1. How to make the invitation?

Sending an email, a personal invitation, a notice on the wall, message on the intranet, are some of the options.

There are several ways to inform the employee about the holiday season. It is essential that they understand how everything will work and the dynamics of the event.

The big secret is to pass on the information as clearly as possible and make an invitation that highlights the importance of the participation of all employees.

2. Do not force the employee to participate

The end of the year parties raise some doubts among managers, human resources sector and employees. The main one is: is this event mandatory? The answer is no.

However, it is important that the employee understands that being present is athe demonstration of interest in the company and for the good relationship with his co-workers.

It is necessary, however, that the company be very clear, that it does not have the right to oblige the employee to be present.

His absence cannot be taken personally and influence labor decisions, for the simple fact that he did not attend.

3. Choose the right place

Defining the behavioral profile of the company and its employees is the key to choosing the right place for the holiday season.

Making everyone feel at ease is the best way to get everyone to interact and really make a meeting like this make sense.

Another point about the location of the year-end parties that can make a difference is the distance.

always search plan the best way for your employees to travel.

Think that if the party is close, everyone can walk. If it's far away, plan to hire a charter to make it easier for all employees to travel.

4. Can I give a speech?

The main purpose of the end of the year parties is fraternization. But it is also an opportunity to build a company's fraternization message, and thank the team for the achievements.

People often talk about the future of the company and the main goals going forward.

The idea is not to extend the speech. Don't make it dull, it can cause disinterest from employees.

Message content can be stripped down and less cumbersome than on normal workdays.

5. Planning the menu

Organizing the holiday season also requires a decision regarding the menu. It is necessary to be aware of what you are going to serve, as people may be vegetarians, lactose intolerant, gluten or not eat any type of food.

The ideal is to extend a menu of meals so that everyone can be satisfied. It is also important to measure expenses and calculate the number of people and what will need to be purchased.

6. How to end the event?

Don't know how to end your New Year's Eve parties? There are several ideas for a corporate get-together party. Two of the best known and most used are the sweepstakes or secret friends.

When we talk about raffles, choose cool gifts that demonstrate recognition for the performance of the team throughout the year.

If you choose the secret friend, it is good to limit the price between minimum and maximum. So all gifts will be matched, even if only by value.

Care for the employee

If you are an employee and plan to attend a year-end party for the company I work for, you need to avoid problems.

We have set aside some tips for the employee to know how to behave during the holiday season.

  • Do not overeat with drinking;
  • Don't expose opinions you'll regret later;
  • Don't be inconvenient by charging people for desktop tasks;
  • Avoid gossip or create a hostile environment;
  • This is not a good time to flirt with other professionals;
  • If dressed properly, a company party is not a party;
  • You can dance, but don't overdo it, keep your composure.

The end of the year parties encourage integration!

Learning how to organize a year-end get-together at the company is excellent integration opportunity between the teams.

However, it is necessary that everything is very well planned and organized, so that employees feel at ease and willing to participate in the event.

Despite being a more laid-back party, whose main objective is integration, if there is no planning, the tendency is for it to become a boring and boring thing.

You managers and the human resources sector, even at the end of the year, they need to draw a profile of the company and employees to define all the details of the party.

If you are a collaborator, you also need to be aware of your posture during the party. Don't overdo it, be measured, regardless of whether it's a get-together.

At HR Consultant UK you can find more tips on how to plan the integration of employees. Access article; “The integration of company departments increases productivity.”


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