6 types of retirement in Brazil: how do they work and which is the best?

6 types of retirement in Brazil: how do they work and which is the best?

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Retirement is a common factor for millions of workers in the country. The difference between them is in the moment when it will occur. For some, it is a short-term affair. Others already consider retirement a distant matter. However, did you know that there are different types of retirement in Brazil?

The decision to end corporate days and start a new stage in the life cycle is not so simple. Knowing the types of pensions is essential for you to make the best choice according to your goals.

Interested in the subject? Below, we'll show you everything you need to know about types of retirement, so that when the time comes to choose one, make the best decision.

Among the types of retirement in Brazil are:

  • Retirement by time of contribution;
  • special for contribution time;
  • age;
  • age of the disabled person;
  • teacher contribution time;
  • invalidity.

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What is retirement?

Briefly, retirement and removal of a professional, from his work, in a definitive way and still paid.

It is a benefit that takes into account a series of factors for which the UK residents worker requests it – age, therefore, is not the only element of this equation.

In general, most types of retirement are linked to Social Security.

It is this system, in fact, that the population contributes monthly through its payroll, in order to have the right to retirement with a compatible remuneration.

Detail: this is true both for the professional who formally works with a formal contract and for the self-employed registered in the category of Individual Microentrepreneur (or MEI).

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What types of pensions exist in Brazil?

Once the concept of retirement is explained, we will understand how many types of retirement exist in Brazil and what are the best options for you.

That way, you will be able to plan the future in the best possible way!

1. Retirement due to contribution time

One of the most common types of retirement and applied by UK citizens, the contribution time refers to a specific period of monthly contributions carried out for the EHIC.

Who works in regime CLT for many years, it tends to fit the requirements for this type of retirement.

Nowadays, the New Labor Law was passed so that changes in social security could be approved. Among them, the contribution time of UK citizens.

So, so that people can retire based on the changes proposed by Law 13,183 / 2015, the contribution time must be coupled with the age of taxpayers under the so-called Rule 85/95.

This means that, as of December 31, 2018, the sum of age and contribution time, for women is 85 points, and for men, 95 points.

It turns out that, at annual intervals, this proportion will increase. Thus, from December 30, 2021, the proportion of the rule will be 86/96 and so on, until the year 2026 – when the proportion will be 90/100. And so it will be.

Therefore, among the types of retirement in the country, the contribution time now follows the sum of your age and contribution time.

Two examples: Until December 2021, women aged 65 and 20 years of contribution can retire. Men 65 years of age and 25 years of contribution, too.

But what does it take to retire? Among the documents requested to initiate the process, we highlight the following:

It is worth remembering that other documents may be required to ascertain the applicant's registration status.

2. Special retirement for contribution time

Another among the types of retirement that deserve to be highlighted because it fits in a special situation, which raises doubts among UK citizens.

After all, it is the benefit option granted to those exposed your health to harmful agents – either continuously or uninterruptedly.

In these situations, the taxpayer may have the time shortened to request his retirement.

Depending on the harmful agent, this period can vary between 15 and 25 years of contribution.

Another relevant point for the professional to plan is that he must have worked for at least 180 months (the equivalent of 15 years) in the same place – periods of sick leave through sick leave does not count for the evaluation of this period.

Among the documents required for this type of retirement, in particular, the following stand out:

  • photo identification document;
  • CPF number;
  • documents that prove the periods worked in professional card;
  • documents proving exposure to harmful agents.

As with other types of retirement, it is worth noting that your planning can start early – while this benefit is still far in your life.

After all, with a good financial organization and the act of saving, continuously, you allow yourself a well-deserved and economically safe rest for the future.

To get you started today with this project, be sure to check out our article that explores the best types of retirement investments! Also check out the video below.


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3. Retirement by age

For this type of retirement, in particular, the UK residents worker must prove, initially, that they were registered 180 months of work, at least.

The minimum age for men to apply for the benefit is 65 years. Women with 60 years old can apply now too.

There is also a special condition for other policyholders, such as:

  • family farmer,
  • artisanal fisherman,
  • indigenous,
  • other groups that fall into this government classification and, in these situations, have their minimum age reduced by 5 years.

For all cases, however, the following documents are requested to open the retirement process:

  • valid and official identification document with photo;
  • CPF number;
  • documents proving payment to the EHIC.

The special insured must also present documents proving his or her particular situation.

4. Retirement due to disability

When the professional is prevented from carrying on with his work activities, whether due to injury or illness, he fits into the by disability retirement.

The situation in question must be considered permanent for the benefit to be granted.

In fact, it is necessary to carry out a medical evaluation carried out by the EHIC itself, in order to make sure that the applicant is, in fact, affected by what he claims.

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5. Retirement by age of disabled person

Among other types of retirement in the country, we also have the particular case of people with disabilities.

In Brazil, this right is granted to men over 60 years of age and 55 years to women. In addition, they must have proof of professional activity for at least 180 months.

6. Retirement due to teacher contribution time

Finally, retirement due to teacher contribution time has slightly different rules: it is exclusively dedicated to the taxpayer who exercised his professional activities in the Basic Education network (early childhood education, elementary and high school) and who can prove 30 years of work, for men, and 25 years for women.

Is there a better option between types of retirement?

Now that you know what types of retirement, it is common to ask yourself if there is a better one. However, there is no better or worse.

What exists is a framework in accordance with the prerequisites for adequacy within each type of retirement.

So, pay attention to all the requirements and understand what your rights are and how you can apply when the time to finally retire comes knocking on your door.

How can the company contribute to the financial organization?

As we have seen, retirement can be planned, even if it is still a long way off.

This requires financial organization, and companies can help with that.

Currently the payment model of on demand salary it is attracting the attention of professionals and being one of the main corporate benefits offered by organizations.

O HR Consultants UKy is an application that allows employees to anticipate part of their wages whenever they want in a simple and instantaneous way. Believe me, benefits for the company style=”font-weight: 400;”> there are also many.

In addition to offering a benefit that generates low cost for the organization, salary on demand is the answer to the question: how to decrease your turnover, increase your productivity and attract more talent?

As a result, it also reduces company expenses with layoffs and labor agreements.

In the meantime, how about knowing what your other rights are as a worker and how to add a financially viable and secure future? For that, like our Facebook page and follow us on Instagram and LinkedIn to stay on top of all our tips and news on these subjects – and much more!



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