7 different benefits to apply to your company

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7 different benefits to apply to your company

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Through benefits different from those already applied in the market, your company differentiates itself from the competition, arouses the interest of new talents and also motivates your team. For that, it is important to understand the profile of its employees and to know, even, which benefits have everything to do with the cultural identity of the company. Among the main different benefits, we highlight:

They exist different benefits for all kinds of goals of your company. The majority actively contribute so that the employee has the best conditions to come and go and spend the day at work.

However, more and more HR specialists have realized that the quality of life and well-being of professionals are deeply associated with corporate benefits.

As a result, they can help to improve various rates in the company, such as motivation, engagement and even turnover reduction, between others.

If you are curious to know more about the subject, in this post we have gathered some of these different benefits, practiced in the market, so that you can make sure that they can be used in your company.

Good reading!

The advantages of applying different benefits in the company

As we briefly pointed out above, having different benefits in the organization is an excellent way to:

  • improve productivity;
  • promote employee motivation;
  • develop employee engagement;
  • generate greater power to retain and attract talent;
  • reduce costs with process errors or even with the turnover index.

It is also worth noting that the corporate benefits aligned with the profile of the company (and its employees) creates a valuable reputation. And this, for the market, is essential to build the reference image – which generates competitive advantages to differentiate yourself in your sector.

Let’s see, then, what are these different benefits that you can implement, in the short or medium term, in the daily life of the company?

7 corporate benefits your company can invest in

Below, we have some alternatives that can actively contribute to the spread of the benefits mentioned above!

1. Unlimited vacation

The trend is still new, for many companies, but it already has a number of fans on account of its positive aspects.

At unlimited vacation, in fact, they are new constructions in the relationship between the company and the employee. No pressure or rigidity on corporate days: the intention here is to make people committed to deadlines and responsibilities.

So, when they have a few days off or little work, they can opt for a rest period. An interesting way, for example, to end the problems associated with the classic workaholic in companies.

We have already talked about this, which is among the main different benefits of the market, in another post. Take the time to read and understand better suffer the unlimited holidays style=”font-weight: 400;”>, after finishing this article 🙂

2. Fuel costs

Companies that have many employees who go to work by car can offer the worth fuel among its different benefits.

That simple. A huge reduction in the monthly budget of employees (who will probably choose not to receive a transportation voucher) and much more convenience for their needs.

Nowadays, there are several modalities that can serve to facilitate the availability of this type of corporate benefit in the company. It is worth keeping an eye on which service providers best meet your demand.

3. Culture voucher

For companies that value the cultural aspect, this is one of the most attractive different benefits. After all, it is about providing a monthly credit so that your employees can spend on:

  • movie theaters;
  • museums;
  • shows;
  • theaters
  • in the purchase of books (among other graphic materials, such as newspapers and magazines), DVDs and CDs.

Just keep in mind, that the culture voucher is best used by employees who are in the habit of consuming these products or services. Hence, the relevance already mentioned in identifying the profile of your staff.

4. Language course

Good way to invest in the qualification of its professionals. Language courses make all the difference (especially, in organizations that already deal with the international market) for your own valuation.

In turn, it is also a fundamental addendum for the development of its employees. They will add more knowledge, in their luggage, making them better professionals.

5. Pet friendly working environment

Excellent way to reduce the stress at work. After all, just as pets are valuable auxiliary therapies diverse, they can be the differential of the work environment.

And, look at this: this is one of the most accessible different benefits, since the investment will focus on ensuring good conditions for pets to spend the day. The ideal is that they can have a place to rest, eat and also to brighten the day of employees, moving between tables.

It is worth noting, of course, that some rules must be stipulated so that everyone can enjoy this. For example: are your professionals afraid of animals, like dogs? If someone exists in these conditions, the pet friendly work environment may not be the best alternative.

But, in general – especially in troubled environments – the presence of these nice little animals can be a powerful tool to scare away the employee stress.

6. Food stamps

Another measure that helps to alleviate your employees’ budgets: the food stamps. With it, the extra income is used, exclusively, for purchases in supermarkets, butchers, fruits and vegetables etc.

In this way, they can save on a monthly expense that greatly impacts family income, allowing the financial well-being be indirectly proportioned within the work environment.

7. Salary on demand

Finally, we can talk about the great advantages of establishing the on-demand salary in the company. This is one of the main different benefits, since Brazil is still beginning to see the value in this type of strategy.

And do you know what it is? The opportunity to free your employees from high overdraft interest. All because the on-demand salary allows your employees to request the salary advance style=”font-weight: 400;”>, of days already worked, when they want.

Thus, those emergency purchases can be made without the bank account going into the red and the overdraft be triggered.

HR Consultant UK has such a solution, which has no impact on your payment logistics – the entire cash flow of these operations is managed by us: it is the HR Consultants UKy style=”font-weight: 400;”>.

To learn more about salary on demand and also about many other ways to establish different and attractive benefits, like our page on Facebook and follow us on Instagram and LinkedIn to know, first hand, all our tips and news!



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