7 points of attention for every IT professional in 2021

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Table of Contents

What will substantively happen with your job as an IT manager or IT manager in 2021? Maybe everything will remain as it is, but there is a greater likelihood that certain topics should receive extra business or personal attention.

We thought it would be a good time to identify 7 points of interest that concern every IT professional. We hope it inspires you to get off to a good start in 2021.

Point of attention 1: The significance of IoT and AI for the business

The Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence are changing existing business models.

For example, what does it mean for IT support or service desk employees if their work is partially taken over by a chatbot?

It is clear that business models are changing in the way work is done. But translating it into real IoT and AI-related business opportunities, which also generate money, is often a much greater challenge.

The run-up to 2021 could be a good time for an IT professional to gain more knowledge and experience how artificial intelligence and IoT are creating new business and revenue models.

Point of attention 2: Optimal digital security

This year, the AIVD warned of an increase in the number of digital attacks in the EU. Unfortunately, there are plenty of examples of companies that have nevertheless been victims.

What about your gut feeling?

Do you have digital security under control for your company for 2021? Are you going to celebrate New Year's Eve with confidence? Hopefully all workplaces, databases, processes, systems and internet-connected devices are properly secured. If not, 2021 could also be the year in which you became at least as smart as the hacker.

Point of attention 3: Retraining or further training?

This question is personal in nature. You may be an IT specialist in a field where there is less and less future. Your expertise has always been valuable, but customers are suddenly moving in other directions. Fortunately, there is hope.

Retraining then ensures that you will be brought to the fore as usual. Further training is especially necessary if you feel that you are being overtaken by other IT colleagues.

There is literally too little attention has been to keep up with current technological developments. But what choice should I make? Consider a continuous learning platform as the first step on this route.

Point of attention 4: Managing old, or transforming to new?

This point of attention has to do with possibly too long a wrong focus of organizations that do IT support and management. A recent Business Technology Trend report from Macaw says 2021 will be the year of IT transformation.

Interestingly, many IT departments are still busy managing old technology. Those who are unable to break through this run the risk of missing the boat in the long run as an IT department or IT service provider.

Innovation and transformation are beautiful but abstract words, but what knowledge is really needed to give meaning to this?

For system administrators, broadening knowledge increasingly appears to be a serious survival strategy. It is less and less about setting up servers, but more and more about being able to deeply understand the customer's problems.

Point of attention 5: Deliver and clarify results faster

Management boards are increasingly demanding from IT that the value of new technology is made transparent more quickly. Popular agile methods, with self-managing agile teams, make it possible to deliver interim results (sprints) faster. Agile Scrum training is also part of our offer.

Point of attention 6: Do more to improve the adoption capacity

This point of attention mainly has to do with the human factor of IT. Because unfortunately, there are still many employees who experience daily stress during their digital work. Because they lack the basic knowledge of IT and they do not know enough how IT works.

The will may be there, but there has been a lack of good knowledge transfer.

The interesting thing? That better use of IT depends on combining your own IT knowledge and additional personal qualities.

In addition to gaining technical knowledge, 2021 may also be the time to do something about personal skills, communication skills and leadership. These so often mentioned ‘soft skills' are becoming increasingly important in IT.

Point of attention 7: The value of data

Does the enormous amount of data get in our way, or does it actually yield something? In 2021, it should be much more about the true value of data and being able to interpret data quickly.

Did that succeed in the past year, or is it time to change this by means of IT training and education?

Maybe you want to become a Data Scientist and know more about the Microsoft Azure platform or better understand how you can make data available to the organization as quickly as possible with Microsoft Office 365.

These were our 7 inspiring IT focal points for 2021, in which we believe that knowledge development continuously plays an important role. You too? Then contact us or do the quick scan to see if you are doing enough knowledge development yourself. We always appreciate reactions.



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