7 reasons to take a MOOC

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Table of Contents

1 Because you have to live with the times

Does the acronym MOOC scare you? We must not. In practice, there is nothing simpler. All you need is an internet connection and the desire to take part in these new 2.0 trainings. “A MOOC, with its full name massive open online course, is a free course accessible during a given period, open to all and at a distance, specifies Xavier Delengaigne, consultant at Collectivité Numérique. It is a new mode of autonomous and collaborative learning. “There are dozens of them in London that will revolutionize the landscape of continuing education,” observes Clément Lhommeau, marketing director of the 360Learning educational platform and author of the guide MOOC: digital-proof learning. In other words: candidates will soon hear about it during their future job interviews

“Having taken these online training courses can be an additional argument to be recruited later.”

2 Because they are open to everyone

No excuse to miss it: MOOCs do not display a maximum number of registrants, are open to all interested Internet users without distinction of origin or level of studies and are above all completely free. “All you need to provide is a little commitment and time”, specifies Cécile Dejoux, senior lecturer in management at Cnam. After attracting 36,615 registrants last year, between February 15 and March 29, 2015, she will host a highly anticipated MOOC entitled From manager to leader 2.0 on the influence of digital technology in contemporary management. “Classes are based on 10-minute videos shown each week and home exercises, or about two to three hours of work per week. So quickly write down in your diaries the dates of the MOOCs that interest you. You can find directories dedicated to MOOCs on the net, such as London Université Numérique or Mooc Francophone.

3 Because you can also learn a new job

And everyone will inevitably find a subject that interests them. Even, downright, an initiation into a new profession. In November 2014, Cindy thus followed a MOOC on the profession of web consultant organized by Orange, via its dedicated platform Solerni. “It was the first time and I loved it,” says this participant. I took advantage of my parental leave to consider retraining and I really learned the basics of this profession. “”This is the goal,” confirms Ludovic Guilcher, deputy director of human resources for the group. We organized this training in partnership with Pôle emploi which sent us a certain number of candidates. It's a job that recruits and this MOOC allows us to contribute to the employability of the country. ”

4 Because it's a new way to learn

Certainly, you have to devote a little time to it and a lot of candidates drop out before the end. But for the most motivated, it's… when you want, as you want. “For my part, I tried to free myself an hour a day, when my daughter was asleep, for the exercises,” continues Cindy. Not to mention that these short videos and homework also have other advantages. “The format is good for the brain, which has trouble staying focused over time, generally no more than three quarters of an hour,” adds Xavier Delengaigne.

5 Because it is a new continuing education “à la carte”

“It's a revolution since it is the employee or the individual who chooses what he wants to be trained in”, summarizes Cécile Dejoux. Desire Write your first program with Java, to learn about Company's right or from Programming your iPhone ? Or simply want to improve your general knowledge in a field.

6 Because it looks good on a CV

Some may doubt the professional usefulness of the process. “Even if it should not be long, there is not yet a validated exam for MOOCs,” admits Clément Lhommeau. In the meantime, many platforms offer attestations or certifications (sometimes paying, editor's note), provided you have participated in the course to the end and completed the required exercises. »Despite adjustments in preparation, Ludovic Guilcher encourages participants to mention their active participation in MOOCs on their CVs. “Having followed these online training courses can be an additional argument to be recruited later”, assures the deputy HR director of Orange.

7 Because it generates network

If Cécile Dejoux does not claim to be able to stay in touch with all the participants in these courses, she gladly gives the most active participants a recommendation on LinkedIn or Viadeo. “What is also interesting is to see the dynamic between the learners, abounds Ludovic Guilcher. It is a very dynamic and collaborative form of training. “” Because unlike a classic e-learning platform, students are invited to communicate or even work together online. Cecile confirms. “It's a real chance because, even behind a computer, it also makes it possible to make a lot of contacts. ”



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