7 series to watch in their original version to improve your English

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Mad Men, for marketing vocabulary

While advertising techniques have evolved since 1960s New York, words and phrases can still be used. Scathing spreads, slogans, long speeches and other meetings: all aspects of marketing go through it. And then, with 7 Golden Globes under his belt, you are sure to see a quality series.

Carmen Sandiego, to revise your geography in passing

It is a cartoon intended for a rather young audience. The advantage: very pure English and an accessible level of language, if you are really a beginner. And because it's happening all over the world, you will learn the names of countries and capitals with some political-historical info as a bonus, it's always good to take.

The Crown, for a royal level of language

The speech of British royalty might not be the most common, but mastering it isn't a bad idea as it is understandable just about anywhere. Not to mention that the very elaborate dialogues and the richness of the vocabulary will make you progress in style.

2 Broke Girls, for the restoration

With two waitresses and wannabe-entrepreneurs for heroines, these 138 episodes will make you laugh, but above all learn targeted English for one of the professions where it is most essential to master the language of Shakespeare.

Preacher, for accents

Have you ever said to yourself that you've finally made a leap forward, then heard a Scotsman and found yourself back to square one? Few series will get you used to both the chewy southern United States and old school Irish. True Texans have a problem with this, but when you have devoured these soon to be 4 seasons, you will have made notable progress in two extremes and everything in the middle will seem simpler to you!

The Big Bang Theory, for technical positions

The most famous geeks of the small screen often leave in scientific speeches incomprehensible even for the native English speakers… But between two sheldonian delusions, they approach technical and mechanical subjects which will make you retain specific terms more effectively than your English lessons in BTS.

Grand Hotel, for all trades in contact with customers

It is not yet known if the main characters will really work or if their hotel will only serve as a setting for their escapades, as in many shows of the genre. But try your luck, and the new series by Eva Longoria coming this summer could be of great help to you in everything related to hospitality and hospitality.

Bonus: Game of Thrones because “Winter is Coming”, it still throws more than “Winter Coming”.



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