7 surefire tips for organizing recruitment and selection

7 surefire tips for organizing recruitment and selection

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Organize the recruitment and selection of people it is essential for any company. Improving the work team is fundamental and for that, a rh sector prepared to find, from the beginning, the most suitable professionals is indispensable. The process can be challenging, so we separate 7 tips and steps to help structure it:

  1. define the position;
  2. describe the CHA and the values ​​of the new candidate;
  3. have a detailed schedule of activities;
  4. define communication channels for recruitment;
  5. determine metrics for assessment, create interview scripts and apply behavioral mapping tools;
  6. make the selection;
  7. give feedback.

In addition, to attract the attention of the talents that your company is looking for, it is important to present a strong employer branding, and to have all the strategic information of the vacancy gathered in one full job description.

Taking this into account when organizing recruitment and selection, check out the detailed tips one by one below!

How to organize recruitment and selection?

It is necessary to pay attention to each of the stages of the recruitment and selection process, as they are interrelated. When one of them is not well executed, the whole process is compromised. In fact, this is one of the biggest challenges faced by the HR team in order to carry out hiring efficiently.

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Check out the step by step and tips, below!

1. Define the position

You must create the job description with all the well-defined selection criteria:

  • vacancy title;
  • Salary range;
  • corporate benefits;
  • responsibilities to be assumed;
  • schooling;
  • minimum qualifications required;
  • minimal experience;
  • personal skills;
  • technical skills;
  • specific knowledge;
  • personal values, among others that interest your company.

Try to be succinct, the intention is that the most important and strategic information is gathered in an easily accessible place.

2. Describe the CHA and the candidate's values

Do it description of CHA (Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes) of the ideal candidate. Thus, recruitment by a candidate with a profile close to the ideal is more easy, organized and efficient.

This description can involve the candidate's values, allowing an identification or not with the organizational culture of the company is made. This type of recruitment is called Fit Cultural.

3. Have a detailed schedule of activities

The crucial part of the recruitment and selection process is the organization. It is essential to have a well-defined schedule, in line with the reality of the HR team's process and time. How long will each step take, from recruitment to hiring?

Defining the dates, times of each activity, who will participate and / or be responsible for each part of the process, are details that will make all the difference in the organization of recruitment.

4. Define communication channels for recruitment

Organize recruitment and selection new employees requires absolute attention with communication. It is necessary to transmit the information with clarity and confidence, be transparent about the company's image.

Therefore, defining exclusive communication channels with candidates is essential.

Whether through direct email with HR, the “Work with us” from the official website, popular job sites, trust indications, advertisements in various media, publications on social networks,… The candidate must understand what is the communication channel he should use to submit your documents and apply properly.

5. Define metrics, create interview scripts and use tools

Developmentspecific forms for this application, define metrics and indicators for a practical and optimized evaluation, create interview scripts and apply behavioral mapping tools, according to the position – for example: creativity tests, psychotechnics, interpretation, logical reasoning, orality, etc.

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This material will serve as a guide and a quality indicator. When applying them to the recruitment and selection process, it is possible to make more fast, efficient and organized.

6. Selection

Candidate evaluations completed, the time has come for select which professionals have the profile to interact directly with your team.

One way to facilitate this process is by using HR software, which allows you to record the history and evolution of each candidate. Thus, the filters will allow to evaluate the main points taken into account for the vacancy in question.


Contrary to what many companies believe, giving negative feedback is as important as giving the positive. Notifying only successful candidates generates a saving time and work, however, it can compromise your company's image in front of several professionals.

If any dissatisfied candidate propagates a negative opinion, possibly other potential candidates may be impacted. Thus, future recruitments can be affected, in addition to the insensitive image that the company gives.

Regardless of the outcome, the HR team should prepare feedback explaining the situation. It is even nicer when a brief comment accompanies the notification. If so, reinforce the points where the candidate stood out, and in negatives, explain which points the candidate could improve.

What should HR look out for?

The secret to organize recruitment and selection in an assertive and efficient manner is in the strategy implemented. It is necessary to define a strategic plan and seek the goals with the maximum potential of the HR team. Therefore, the team must still:

  • dedicate time: with other people management tasks, it is common for the organization of recruitment and selection to be in the background. However, it is essential that a team art takes time and dedicates itself fully to the process;
  • rely on specialists: have on your team professionals who are specialists in recruitment and optimize the process;
  • use appropriate tools: softwares specific to Human Resources make it possible to automate various tasks in recruitment. Being aware of the tool options available to enhance the selection process is mandatory.

Organize the recruitment and selection of a businessa, it is not a simple task, a good HR team and a lot of planning is necessary for the success of the process. Only then, it will be possible to find the best talents in the market that fit your organization.

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