7 tips practical tips for getting back in the market

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7 tips practical tips for getting back in the market

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Is it hard to get back to work? We know that 2021 was very difficult for most people. However, the beginning of a new year always brings many expectations and stimuli for professionals who have lost their jobs or have been idle for some time to prepare themselves, in an attempt to get back into the market.

So if you are currently unemployed, don't despair! We have good tips for those who want to get back on the market. In today's article, you'll see:

  • reactivate or create a network of contacts;
  • update your resume;
  • set new professional goals and objectives;
  • sign up on job sites and update your social networks;
  • update your knowledge;
  • include volunteer experiences in the curriculum;
  • prepare well for interviews.

extra tip: If you are a person who tends to get anxious in job interviews and therefore ends up making some mistakes, we also suggest reading this article here.

Now continue reading this article and see how to face the challenges of the current scenario and still get back into the job market in 2021. Shall we go?

What is the current job market scenario?

With the crisis brought by the pandemic of coronavirus, many people saw their lives change suddenly in the last year. In addition to health-related issues, numerous companies had to adapt to the new reality by cutting costs and personnel.

Unemployment in the UK reached 14.3% in the quarter ended in October, according to the UK residents Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE). In people, the number reached 14.1 million. An increase of 7.1% compared to the quarter ended in July. This represents 931,000 more people looking for work in the country.

In addition, many professionals went into informality, the rate was 38.4%. The percentage is equivalent to 31.6 million people without a formal contract, who are employees of the private sector or domestic workers, without CNPJ (employers or self-employed) or unpaid workers.

According to Adriana Beringuy, an analyst for this research, the increase in unemployment reflected the flexibility brought about by the social isolation imposed by COVID-19. As a result, all categories lost employment, the number of people with a formal contract fell 2.6% in the third quarter compared to the previous one. The loss is 788,000 jobs.

7 tips for getting back on the market

Faced with so many uncertainties and difficulties, how to get a place in 2021? The scenario looks bleak, but it's possible to turn around and start over in full force with the right tips!

To help you on this mission, we've separated some of them for you to start 2021 on the right foot, check out:

1. Reactivate or create a network of contacts

The first step to re-entering the market, of course, is to communicate with friends and people close to you so that they know you are looking for a job.

People who know you, either personally or professionally, will be able to inform you about possible open positions or even make nominations about you for an opportunity. Former co-workers, for example, can be great allies to talk about their skills and abilities.

Therefore, to return to the labor market, it is essential to have an active network of contacts.

2. Update your resume

Many people use the same resume from years ago, which can be a mistake, as over time you may have acquired new skills and experiences. Also, your professional focus may have shifted.

Therefore, you need to assess the institutions you want to work for and prepare your resume for each of them. Align your goals and competencies with the purpose of the location and the position you aim to occupy.

Don't forget to enter personal information so recruiters have even more information about your trajectory.

3. Set new professional goals and objectives

To get back on the market, it's important, especially for those who have been idle for some time, reassess your professional goals. A lot may have changed since your last job.

To do this, you must take into account your learning, experiences, strengths and improvement points, skills you acquired when facing challenges, among other factors that have influenced your career in recent times.

From there, it will be possible to trace your next professional goals and objectives. This will help you identify which paths to look for and where to pursue your career right now.

4. Sign up for job sites and update your social networks

Today, many companies are looking for new employees on the internet, which is why it is essential to get back on the market. It is important that you register on the main job vacancy sites and register your resume. This will make it easier for recruiters to find you.

Also, it's important to keep your business social media profiles, such as LinkedIn, up to date. Many recruiters also seek to analyze candidate profiles through this means.

5. Update your knowledge

To stand out from the rest and be able to re-enter the market in 2021, it is important to have some differentials. Therefore, you must study, learn new languages, take courses, attend lectures, read articles, in short, keep up to date professionally.

This will demonstrate that you are not stuck in time and that you are willing to follow the market and are willing to go back to work.

Updating your knowledge is a great way to show that you are highly prepared to face new challenges and fill the position you want.

6. Include volunteer experiences in the curriculum

Not only courses and studies indicate professional development, volunteer work is a way to show your skills and character to recruiters.

So if you want to re-enter the market, show your experiences as a volunteer in your community. Your efforts can be viewed favorably by the new company.

7. Prepare well for interviews

the time has come to face the recruiter facing! Keep calm, be punctual and dress formally. Although the work is no longer laid-back, it is not recommended to go too informal at the time of the interview.

Before the day, train your posture, study the history of the company you are applying for, and create a script to remind yourself to talk about all the points in your career that deserve attention.

If you were fired from your previous job, state your reasons without lying. If the dismissal was due to your mistake, try to emphasize the measures you are taking to improve, such as taking improvement courses, among others.

Getting back into the job market after a year as difficult as 2021 is not easy. So don't give up. There may be a transition period in your career and it may take time for a new job to appear. Take time to adjust and learn new skills. This will be critical to your success.

Enjoy and share the content on your social networks with your friends, other people may also be facing this phase!


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