7 types of psychological testing for recruitment and selection | Benefits and how to apply

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7 types of psychological testing for recruitment and selection |  Benefits and how to apply

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Choose the right candidates for open positions it is essential to keep a company competitive in the market. Therefore, it is essential that selection processes efficient and well structured. Among the main characteristics of a good recruitment and selection, one of the most important is to know the psychological test types that can be applied.

This type of test assesses whether the professional fits into the company even before hiring, which helps to avoid losses with turnover. In addition, professionals aligned with the company's culture are more engaged and capable of generate results above average. Want to know more about what is psychological test, what types and how to apply? Continue reading the article!

What is psychological testing?

Psychological testing of companies is a evaluation method which allows to identify skills that cannot be measured in the analysis of resumes or in the interview.

There are several psychological test types, each of which was developed to analyze specific characteristics.

In companies, the psychological test stage is essential to be more clear about the intelligence level and personality traits of the candidates. Thus, it is possible to define which ones best fit the environment and the organization's work routine.

It is worth remembering that psychological testing of companies is an activity that can only be applied by psychologists. Therefore, make sure you have a person with this training in the HR sector or ask for advice from a specialized professional.

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What are the main types of psychological testing in recruitment?

There are many types of psychological tests that exist, but some of them are more effective when it comes to defining the hiring of a professional. Check out the main ones below.

1. Coati test

The name “Quati” is an abbreviation for Typological Evaluation Questionnaire. The purpose of this test is to understand the person's personality through 6 questions, with 15 alternatives each one.

Depending on the pattern of responses given for the situations presented, it is possible to identify:

  • whether the candidate is more introverted or extroverted;
  • is taken decisions based on reason or emotion, for example.

Knowing these traits is important to check the candidate's alignment with the requirements of the vacancy and with the job description.

Due to its nature, this psychological test of companies can also be used to evaluate job promotions or changes in the area of ​​professionals already hired.

2. Palographic test

Another type of psychological testing that is effective for discovering personality traits is the palographic test. Common in psychotechnical assessments, he asks the candidate draw parallel lines on a sheet of paper.

The results are measured from the characteristics of the drawn lines, such as line spacing and direction.

At first glance it may not seem like it, but this test is very useful to identify aspects such as:

3. Concentrated Attention Test (CA)

Among the types of psychological tests for companies, Concentrated Attention is the most useful for measure the professional's focus.

On a sheet with several triangles of different sizes, distributed in a disorderly manner, the candidate needs to identify model images that occupy a rectangle. If the person is nervous or paying attention to what happens around them, completing the task becomes much more difficult.

This test can be applied as a group or individually, and is widely used for jobs that require total concentration, such as copywriters and telephone operators.

4. Zulliger test

Also known as Z test, this method was created by a Russian officer named Zulliger during World War II. The aim was to find out which men were able or not to participate in the army.

The psychological test consists of presenting candidates with images of spots distributed on three projection boards. Through the interaction with these spots it is possible to discover primitive aspects of:

  • personality;
  • affectivity;
  • relationship.

The purpose is not to discover profound characteristics, but to assess whether the person needs to undergo a more in-depth personality test.

5. Time management test (ADT)

As the name implies, the test ADT was created to find out if the person is proactive and knows how to perform good time management at work.

They are 96 questions distributed in 16 categories, all directly or indirectly related to the management of working hours.

In this way, it is possible to know clearly what is the productivity level of the candidate and how much time he wastes in his activities.

The psychological test can also be adapted to group dynamics, simultaneously analyzing time management techniques and the quality of teamwork.

6. Battery of reasoning tests

The battery of reasoning tests is one of the most common types of psychological tests in organizations. It is very useful to identify whether the behavioral profile of the candidate and the vacancy are in line.

The test consists of a series of logical reasoning issues of different types, such as images, patterns, numerical sequences and simulations of real situations.

A satisfactory result indicates that the professional has an adequate profile for problem solving positions in general, revealing a strong trait of his vocational orientation.

7. Lipp test

Employee stress is one of the main difficulties faced by professionals and companies today.

As it is one of the main causes of departure in organizations, it is important to identify the predisposition or occurrence of this problem in candidates, in order to avoid future problems.

O Lipp test it was created precisely to discover how professionals deal with stressful situations, especially in positions with a high level of demand.

Your application is valid, but remember that it is also the role of HR to implement measures to make the work environment less stressful, thus increasing team satisfaction.

Applying the psychological test of companies

Now that you know the main types of psychological tests for recruitment and selection, how about putting what you've learned into practice?

Assess which types of psychological tests are best suited to the needs of your company and be sure to have a specialized psychologist to apply them. So your selection processes will be even more complete!

To complete the content, we suggest that you read the article; “Guide | How to improve the recruitment and selection of a company “.

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