8 hacks for recruiting and selecting people

8 hacks for recruiting and selecting people

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Recruitment and selection of people is one of the most difficult and important processes in routine of companies. This is because assertive hiring is synonymous with good results.

A process of recruiting and selecting people takes time and usually requires a lot of labor from the responsible sector. Data from a Glassdoor research revealed that Brazil is the country in which the selection process takes the longest, on average 39.6 days.

To make this process faster, many companies use recruitment and selection hacks that put them ahead of the competition in their search for new talent.

But what are recruitment and selection hacks of people? How can they impact the attraction and choice of the right professional for your company?

In this article we will answer these and other questions about the importance of accelerating and optimizing the process of recruiting and selecting people. Check out!

What are recruitment and selection hacks for people

Recruitment and people selection hacks are strategies / tools that aim to accelerate this arduous process within organizations.

With this, companies make this process more assertive, choosing the right people for vacancies so optimized.

These recruitment and selection hacks have an influence from the prospecting of candidates, screening of resumes, interviewing to the choice itself.

Meet the recruitment and selection of people hacks

The success of the recruitment and selection of people, today, depends and much of thetions and strategies that the company adopts. Every detail makes a difference in choosing a professional that fits the profile and needs of the organization.

When the company hires correctly, absenteeism rates it's from turnover, for example. Thus increasing the chances of retaining a talent for a longer time in the company.

Within this reality, we selected 8 hacks for recruiting and selecting people. Check out!

  • recruitment automation software;
  • social networks to advertise vacancies;
  • structured interview script;
  • online tests;
  • website with space for posting vacancies;
  • constant communication with candidates;
  • video interviews;
  • talent bank.

Below we will detail the importance of each of them in a routine of recruiting and selecting people.

Recruitment automation software

The software automation recruitment and selection of people facilitates the search for ideal candidate.

Through them it is possible not only to draw a greater filter on the professional profile of the candidates, but also to integrate with job portals and even social networks.

In addition, through automation, it is possible to apply online tests so that the candidate is proven in relation to his / her abilities to take a certain vacancy. That way, the company is more likely to choose the right professional.

Not to mention the facility to create responses and send emails to whoever is selected or who is discarded for the vacancy. This creates a more just and professional relationship with all competitors.

Social networks to advertise vacancies

Social networks started to occupy a decisive space in the process of recruiting and selecting people.

Networks like Facebook and LinkedIn have become great platforms for advertising vacancies and even offer detailed information about candidates.

A study by We are Social and Hootsuite, “Digital in 2018: The Americas”, Revealed that 62% of UK citizens are active on social networks. In other words, companies can and should make good use of these networks to attract potential talent.

The tip is to make a detailed announcement, with the duties of the function, benefits offered by the company, etc., so that professionals feel attracted by the vacancy advertised and know exactly what the company wants from them.

Structured interview script

A process of recruitment and selection of people has with it a series of procedures until the effectiveness of the hiring. Therefore, it is crucial that the interview follows a line, a script, a strategy to be effective.

It is necessary consider each stage involved as the announcement of the vacancy, screening of resumes, tests, interview (online and face-to-face) and feedback to candidates.

Writing down each step when completed can avoid misunderstandings in the choice and mainly ensure that throughout the choice process, no important steps have been ignored or neglected.

Online testing

You tests properly inserted in the recruitment and selection process of people can optimize the time spent and decrease the chances of error in choosing a candidate.

This is because they can eliminate candidates who are outside the vacancy profile and who do not have the necessary skills to assume a certain role.

Whether through more specific tests such as math, London, programming, English, between others. Each test can further analyze a candidate's skills, abilities and even personality.

Therefore, the tests are part of these hacks of recruitment and selection of personnel that can give an “up” in the process, accelerating the choices for the ideal profile.

Site with space for job vacancies

Many companies do not have a space for vacancies within the site itself, but worse than that are the ones that create and abandon this area.

The point is that this space can be a company business card, being extremely beneficial when it comes to publicizing new vacancies.

It is essential, therefore, to use it as a space that creates a connection with possible candidates and talents.

Therefore, avoid leave this space out of date and keep constant, detailing all available vacancies, contacts and space for sending resumes. Thus creating another space to facilitate the process of recruiting and selecting people.

Constant communication with candidates

The process of recruiting and selecting people is delicate not only in the sense of being assertive in choosing a candidate. It also impacts the company's image in the market.

So this process needs to create good experiences, even for those who are not hired. In this sense, an effective recruitment and selection hack necessarily requires good communication.

Every business needs value a sincere relationship, fair and professional with all candidates. In this sense, communicating regularly with those who applied for the vacancy offered makes all the difference.

Whether to give a positive or negative return, the company needs to maintain a specific order of response at each stage. Thus preventing candidates from criticizing your company in the market for not having received any feedback on the application for the vacancy.

Video interviews

If the recruitment and selection hacks are based on the premise of accelerating this process, this list cannot be lacking as an option. video interviews.

Many companies adopt video interviews in their first conversations with candidates to streamline and even allow greater flexibility in the process.

Thus, with video interviews, the process gets faster and less costly, both for the candidate, who will not need to travel, and for the company, which will not need long face-to-face meetings.

Many companies even make recorded videos for candidates to answer questions, in video format, making the process less bureaucratic and more interactive.

Talent Bank

O talent bank it is a long-term strategy, but it can be very effective when the company needs to fill a vacancy in the future. Therefore, it is essential not to discard incoming resumes.

Even if the professional was not selected at that time, in the future it may be an opportunity for him. Therefore, organize and catalog all resumes according to the functions that the company offers.

Highlight the professionals who most caught your attention, so that it is easier to locate them when necessary.

The talent bank, even if it is not an immediate action, can be treated as a recruitment and selection hack. Well, in the near future it may be the card up your sleeve to find a talent and an ideal profile for a job that is available.

Speeding up processes with recruitment hacks

Implementing strategies that accelerate the recruitment and selection of people has become a trend. Not only because this routine requires speed, but also because of the need for it to be effective and assertive.

Especially because companies that hire certain tend to get more results, since are able to retain talent more easily and decrease turnover.

Through hacks for recruiting and selecting people, the organization is also able to reduce the manpower and time allocated to this bureaucracy.

Offering the sectors responsible for hiring more time to dedicate to strategic people management actions.

Want more tips to avoid making more mistakes in the recruitment and selection of people? Access our article “5 innovative employee recruitment strategies!”.



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