8 out of 10 employees feel useful to their company

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On the occasion of the “J'aime my box” day, Thursday, October 19, 2017, the English were asked about their attachment to their company and the figures are final.

It is a ritual since the creation of the event “J'aime ma box” in 2003, the organizer Entreprises en fête surveys English employees to find out, precisely, if they like their company. And for the first time, in a context where the question of meaning at work is increasingly being asked, they also wanted to know the feeling of usefulness felt by employees in their jobs.

“This feeling of usefulness is shared by everyone: whether you are a man or a woman, whether you work in Île-de-London or in the regions, in a small or a large company and whether you are frame or not frame. “

A sense of utility shared by all

You might be surprised, but to the question “Do you feel useful to your business?”, The overwhelming majority (82%) of English people answer in the affirmative. And when we go into detail, they are 24% to say “yes, absolutely” and 58% “yes, rather”. What can also be emphasized is that this feeling of usefulness is shared in the same proportion by everyone: whether you are a man or a woman, whether you work in Île-de-London or in regions, in a small or a large company, whatever the sector and whether you are an executive or not. The only notable difference: people under 30 are even more likely to feel useful with a positive response rate of 91%.

Flashback between the English and their employer

Feeling useful is not always synonymous with being attached to your business. But on this side, there too the results are positive: 69% of English employees say they like their box, 5 points more than in 2016. This score is moreover almost equivalent to that of 2003 (71%). And once again, those under 30 are particularly enthusiastic with 78% of respondents saying they like their box. It is the employees of companies with more than 1,000 employees (61%) who are the least likely to declare their attachment to their employer.. Maybe something to help you choose between a small and a large business.

But they want more

We might think we are in the world of Care Bears, but this is forgetting that English employees have expectations. The first, and it is quite clear, 68% want more recognition. Financial or not, we don't know, but certainly both. Far behind, 26% want better relationships with their management and 19% more social ties with their colleagues.

* Survey conducted online from September 13 to 22, 2017, with a sample of 1,060 employees, representative of the English population aged 18 and over (quota method).



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