8 reasons why the HR employee is indispensable

8 redenen waarom HR onmisbaar is

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Self-managing organizations and artificial intelligence; hip terms that sound like serious threats to the HR department. A company like Computest has automated HR tasks some years ago and dismissed the traditional HR department. “You will be surprised how many HR tasks you can automate,” says owner Hartger Ruijs.

Bad news for the more than 80,000 HR colleagues that the London knows according to the UWV? We think it is a bit more nuanced. HR is not just about tracking sick reports and approving claims. There is – if all goes well – a lot more to it. 8 reasons why the HR employee is indispensable.

1. HR is about people.

Human resources, the name says it all. A job in HR is about people. That requires that you can empathize, be able to respond to situations, and have respect and patience. As an HR employee you do a lot of good. However, there are also situations that you have to confront. Then you are not doing it right for one of the people involved. Even then you have to be understanding, but at the same time remain very clear.

2. The HR employee fulfills a bridging function.

As an HR professional you are an intermediary who must be able to connect. You are always looking for a connection with everyone within the company. In doing so, you take into account cooperation agreements, culture, unspoken rules. You work from trust, openness and honesty.

That is sometimes difficult. The management team thinks you should be on their side, employees agree, and the Works Council often pulls at you too. Those are a lot of customers with different interests. HR people often act as the Haarlemmerolie in an organization.

3. The HR professional monitors the culture

In this time of rapid change, culture is more important than ever. We work where we want and when we want, in alternating teams. What still binds us? Culture. According to HR consultancy Lagerweij, culture consists of collective motives, leadership, team functioning and work motivation. Four elements that fall under the (shared) responsibility of HR.

4. HR helps your people – and your company – grow.

How big and how fast your business grows depends on the extent to which your people grow. By stimulating the growth and development of your people, you invest in the growth and development of your organization. Officially this is a task for the manager, but many managers need coaching and advice from HR in this regard. Or they leave it completely to HR.

Trends in learning whitepaper

5. HR helps with change.

Organizational growth often involves doing things differently and doing new things. People need to be helped through that change process. Here, too, HR has an important role to play. What are the new expectations? You have to give your people the opportunity to comply with this, support them and facilitate growth. Always be open and honest when something doesn't work out well and then help them on the right track.

6. The HR employee influences your business results.

There is a strong link between the extent to which employees are involved in your company and the business results. You can measure this involvement by means of an annual employee engagement survey. Such a survey helps HR and senior management gain insight into how employees experience their work environment and to what extent they are engaged and committed.

The results of such a survey show where your organization makes optimal use of the potential of the employees. But it also shows where there is work to be done. It is important that such an investigation is carried out with the correct confidentiality and that something is done with the results, otherwise the trust of the employee will drop rapidly. A fine task for HR to ensure that this process runs smoothly.

7. HR can help keep you healthy.

The same involvement of your employees is also linked to their health. Commitment and health go hand in hand. If your employees are happy with their job, it has a positive effect on their health. The same applies the other way around: if employees are mentally and physically healthy, this has a positive effect on their commitment to work.

So it is not only important to do something with the results of an engagement survey, it is just as important to offer an attractive health program. A job of – you never guessed it – HR.

8. HR helps you stay smart.

Healthy and motivated employees are therefore important for the future of your company. But don't forget the knowledge of your employees. Companies that are consistently engaged in knowledge development and continuous learning will make the difference in the future. In these 7 ways, HR can help to embrace continuous learning.

HR is not dead, HR is alive!

Of course we can use automation in general and artificial intelligence in particular to take over HR tasks. But rather see it as an opportunity. Simple tasks are taken over. This leaves more time for tasks that require our unique human qualities such as creativity and resolving power.

The rise of the self-managing organization requires change, also from HR. Processes and instruments change, the ‘line' disappears and HR will support teams more directly.

Changes, changes, but one thing is clear to us: the end of the HR department is certainly not in sight. On the contrary: HR is not dead, HR is alive!

So it is not only important to do something with the results of an engagement survey, it is just as important to offer an attractive health program. A job of – you never guessed it – HR.



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