8 things not to put on your CV

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1st info not to put on your CV: too personal data

Only the name, first name, address, telephone contacts and email address have their place in the header of a CV. Who is interested in your middle names or your social security number? Age or marital status is not a concern of recruiters either, as is nationality, with the exception of certain sectors such as defense.
Finally, be aware that an email address of the type “Stardu62@yahoo.com” or “laptiteloulou@gmail.com” will at best smile, at worst flee the recruiter. Your professionalism will take a hit from the start. On the other hand, indicating the possession of a driving license can be an asset for certain professions (for example, salesman or driver).

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2nd info not to put on your CV: the holiday photo

The photo is not mandatory in a CV, especially if it doesn't showcase you or is unprofessional. Avoid evening, vacation or family photos that lack relevance and maturity. Take care of your outfit and your general appearance. Prefer photos in professional contexts.

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3rd info not to put on your CV: a fuzzy title

To name the file for your CV, ban “Curriculum Vitae” or “CV” which does not add anything and prefer a personalized and precise title such as “Hadji Dupont, press officer new technologies”. Your name followed by the position sought or your professional project is a good way to stand out and seduce the recruiter who knows immediately who he is dealing with.

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4th info not to put on your CV: negligible training

In the section dedicated to your studies, some diplomas may not have their place. This is the case for the Brevet des colleges if you hold a Baccalaureate, or a first year of a Master if you already have a Master 2 diploma.
On the other hand, do not hesitate to detail the relevant projects developed during this training (creation workshops, collective achievements, memories, etc.).

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5th info not to put on your CV: unnecessary experiences

There is no point in presenting your student job if you have 5 years of professional experience, unless it is directly related to the position in question. Stick to presenting the most relevant experiences, especially since space is limited in a CV. “”Too many experiences kill the experience,” said Laura Le Petitcorps, recruitment officer for CHR Profil. “Why mention a summer job at the local bakery in an application for an international scientific consultant position?” The experiences presented in the CV must be consistent with the candidate's professional plan, ”she recalls.

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6th info not to put on your CV: the reasons for your departure

Laure Le Petitcorps also recommends do not dwell on the end of the contract. “Unless you are extremely skilful, it can only penalize the candidate. Whether your former boss is the last of the jerks or you quit your job to make more money, these considerations don't belong on a resume. Especially since it will then be necessary to justify them, if there is a recruitment interview. Also, keep in mind the golden rule that you never denigrate your former employer in front of a recruiter.

7th info not to put on your CV: salary expectations

Another information to avoid mentioning in a CV: salary expectations. “This highlights the monetary aspect and may leave you in doubt as to your motivations “, Warns the recruiter for CHR Profil, adding that” the question of salary is only addressed during the recruitment interview. ”
If the ad specifically requests it, include this information in your cover letter instead.

8th info not to put on your CV: quirky hobbies

Faith of recruiters, the section “miscellaneous” or “hobbies” lists a good number of pearls. It contains information as bizarre as it is useless, such as the ability to train lions, the taste for custard or the ability to solve the Rubik's cube in less than thirty seconds. Good for you, but why does that interest the recruiter? Also pay attention to debatable hobbies such as Corrida or hunting for example.
In addition, know that 99% of the candidates like the cinema. Perhaps it would be appropriate to specify which type of cinema, references to the key. But still avoid falling into the opposite effect with a tedious list of all your favorite directors.
Like this last section “Miscellaneous”, the CV must strike the right balance between unnecessary or purely personal information, and those that bring a real plus to your application. The recruiter should learn enough about you without being inundated with data. The key word: relevance. Everything you express must be consistent with the position sought.



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