8 tips to attract and keep talent in the company

8 tips to attract and keep talent in the company

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Brazil is the 57th country with the greatest capacity to attract and retain talent, according to the Global Talent Ranking. Poor performance on a list of 61 countries. So it’s important to have up your sleeve tips to attract and keep talent in the company.

Because the retaining talent it is, without a doubt, the main generator of results for companies. Whoever manages to keep an engaged team, based on tips to attract and keep talent in the company, is ahead of the competition.

This is because through strategic actions of engagement the company can increase productivity, reduce its costs with turnover and increase the chances of convincing a talent to stay in the company.

In this article we have listed some tips for attracting and retaining talent in the company. Check out!

Learn how to retain talent in your company

One study conducted by Kronos and Future Workplace pointed out that 87% of human resources leaders believe that talent retention should be the top priority for companies.

This data shows a common concern in the market, which is to be able to create strategies for employees to remain in the organization for a longer time. To help you, we list some tips to attract and keep talents in the company.

  • Offer a good benefit plan;
  • Invest in professional development;
  • Offer a good benefit plan;
  • Maintain a good organizational climate;
  • Adopt collaborative management;
  • Train leaders;
  • Offer a career path;
  • Plan and structure the recruitment and selection processes.

Want to know how to put these tips into practice? Below we explain each of them.

Offer a good benefit plan

About 90% of professionals said in Insper research that a good benefit plan is decisive for them to stay in a company. Therefore, one of the tips to attract and keep talent in the company is to bet on the benefit plan.

Today's salary has become insufficient to retain a talent. The current market requires companies to offer a complement that encourages and values ​​the work of professionals.

One of the most innovative benefits today is the on-demand salary<span style=”font-weight: 400;”>. Through it, the employee has the right to withdraw part of his salary, according to the days worked. The idea in this case is to allow the employee more flexibility and autonomy over their payment.

In addition, the on-demand wage creates a reduction in the financial stress style=”font-weight: 400;”> and generates greater motivation and well-being for the team.

Invest in professional development

Collaborate with professional and human development of the employee is one of the good tips for attracting and retaining talent. Most of the professionals who receive benefits from the company to train themselves (undergraduate, graduate, MBA, courses, etc.) feel valued.

Not only that, they begin to see themselves as an important part of the organization and there is an exchange of trust between the parties. As a result, they tend to be more motivated, happier and income increases.

One Hay Group research showed that 44% of professionals want the company to offer opportunities for them to grow and develop. After all, what talent doesn't want to evolve in the profession, right?

Maintain a good organizational climate

The work environment and the relationship with colleagues is the main motivational item of the company for 52% of market professionals. Working with. So one of the tips for attracting and retaining talent is to be able to maintain a good organizational climate style=”font-weight: 400;”>.

One good organizational environment influences employee well-being and satisfaction. When the environment is bad there is a tension that causes concerns and dissatisfaction in the professionals, so the yield drops and the turnover increases.

Thus, it is essential that companies carry out organizational climate surveys to find out from the employees themselves what are the flaws in the environment.

Thus, it becomes easier to develop strategic actions of people management<span style=”font-weight: 400;”>, influencing the attraction and retention of talents.

Adopt collaborative management

Sharing doubts, knowledge, opinions and having a sense of responsibility for important company decisions, this is the function of collaborative management. With each passing day more and more professionals want to feel like a key player in companies.

Just going to the organization to meet hours and the task table daily, without having any voice for certain decisions, became a problem in the organizational routine of companies.

Employees increasingly want their opinions to be heard. Therefore, the collaborative management can be part of a set of tips to attract and retain talent.

In view of this management model, all professionals have a voice and weight to share ideas and suggestions. With this there is even a great exchange of knowledge that is beneficial for the professional to develop personally and professionally.

With this power of greater responsibility for decisions, employees tend to be more engaged with the goals and objectives of the organization.

Train leaders

The leader is that inspiring figure of the team. He is one who thinks not only about the results of the organization, but also about the development and growth of the professionals who are around him.

Among the tips to attract and keep talents, the presence of positive leaders is essential. Given that, the good leader has the ability to listen to the team, recognize mistakes, value success and maintain an open relationship with his team members.

In this sense, it impacts the team's engagement and inspires everyone to resist in the face of challenges and adversities. One Quartz study showed that 75% of US professionals point to a bad boss as the main cause of stress, for example.

Already Brazil ranks second in the list of countries with the highest rate of stress caused by work pointed to the International Stress Management Association (ISMA-BR).

Therefore, if the company does not offer and does not prepare, through training and training, team leaders, the tendency is that all people management go to the hole.

Since there will be insubordinations, excessive charges and lower than expected results.

Offer a career path

70% of n companiesdo not offer a career path for its professionals, according to a Catho research.

As a result, many professionals end up working more out of obligation than because they are really engaged with the organization's goals.

When there are no professional goals or growth prospects, the tendency is for employees to become discouraged and constantly seek new opportunities outside the company.

That is, it is essential within the tips to attract and keep talents in the company to offer possibilities for growth. This is because when professionals are in the comfort zone it is common to perform tasks more out of obligation.

Plan and structure the recruitment and selection processes

More than 38% of employers find it difficult to find the ideal candidate and fill a vacancy revealed to Catho. Given so many tips to attract and keep talent in the company, the recruitment process is essential.

Especially because an assertive hiring avoids unnecessary expenses and reduces the organization's turnover rate. Not to mention that a professional with the right profile for the company will have a much higher performance in their role.

As we well know when a professional is satisfied, their level of engagement with the company is higher and the chances of retaining it increase.

A good recruitment process necessarily needs:

  • an analysis of the company's situation and needs;
  • definition of the profile to assume the position in question;
  • screening of curricula, according to the skills that the function requires,
  • personalized interview for each function;
  • specific tests to assess competence.

Thus, with tips to attract and retain talent in the sense of recruitment, your company is more likely to be assertive in hiring.

Talent retention and market competitiveness

Having tips on hand to attract and retain talent is essential in a market that shows itself at a very high level of competition.

Organizations that are able to retain employees for longer in the company consequently achieve satisfactory results. When the professional works happy and satisfied he is more dedicated to his role and increases his productivity.

Talent retention is not an easy task and must start from the selection process to the maintenance of strategies that encourage employees to want to stay in the company.

Now that you know some tips to attract and retain talent, how about starting to apply them today in your company? Want to learn more about talent retention?

Access our special article on the subject, clicking here, and start building a successful team today.



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