9 benefits to offer more quality of life to your employees

9 benefits to offer more quality of life to your employees

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Live to work or work to live? The answer to this maxim has been changing with the arrival of new generations in the labor market, generations that have made companies think of benefits that provide more quality of life to employees.

At previous generations (like baby boomers and X) sought to achieve professional stability, so we can say that for them, the answer would probably be “live to work”.

As for the modern workforce (the millennials or Y), which seeks motivating challenges and professional development, the possible answer would be “work for a living”.

In other words, given this new profile of professionals, companies will need to adjust some measures, especially those linked to the choice of organizational benefits, to keep their work team motivated.

Precisely to facilitate this process, we will explore in this post:

  • who are millennials;
  • the importance of investing in quality of life at work;
  • how to offer more quality of life to its employees.

To clarify these adaptations required by millennials, keep following this post. We separated 9 benefits to offer more quality of life to its employees. Check out!

Who are the millennials?

Before we explore how to improve the quality of life offered to its employees, let's understand how are the professionals of this new generation that dominates the current job market, the millennials.

People of the generation millennials or Y, roughly speaking, born between 1982 and 1995, they grew up in a period of history with major socio-cultural transformations. That's because that was the time of the first insertions of the digital context in the world.

In other words, they are young people who carry both the expressive inheritances of an industry and computer context and the unknown possibilities of a new universe. technological.

Some of its most common features are:

  • staying at the parents' home even during adulthood;
  • prioritization of the career to the constitution of a family;
  • high academic degree;
  • preference for professional recognition and appreciation for stability;
  • desire for quality of life (personal and professional);
  • constant work change;
  • high regard for individual values;
  • socio-political awareness.

Bringing them to the professional scene, the challenge is pioneering. In addition to needing to keep up with the evolution imposed by digital adventures, without precedents, they also deal with the yearning for the evolution of a new generation, the Z or the digital natives, who will soon also be competing for the same job market.

If you want to better understand the differences between generations and how companies should act before them in the market, we recommend reading this other material.

As the profile of millennials is unprecedented, companies need to pay attention to create adequate conditions, which allow them to develop all their potential style=”font-weight: 400;”>. Therefore, some adaptations and investments will be necessary to optimize the satisfaction of these collaborators.

What is the importance of investing in quality of life at work?

The success of any business is directly linked to the virtue of its human capital. After all, it is the workforce that leads the entire production process of an organization.

Virtue here is technical, but also affective. The healthy development of a business depends not only on trained and profitable professionals, but also on the loyal, motivated, committed, productive, among others.

As we saw earlier, generation Y has some peculiarities that deserve the market's attention. The compatibility of personal values ​​with organizational ones, for example, has never been more in demand to retain a talent.

In other words, the demands of this generation need to be heard by companies to ensure the achievement of this special virtue.

Organizations that place the interests of their people as a strategic priority are able to offer quality of life for its employees and stimulate a set of business benefits.

Some of the advantages of investing in quality of life at work are:

  • profile / personality affinity;
  • compatibility of expectations;
  • improvement in the organizational climate;
  • improvement in individual job satisfaction;
  • optimization of teamwork;
  • professional loyalty;
  • improvement in the company's overall performance;
  • optimization of interpersonal relationships.

To this end, there are many initiatives that companies can take to offer quality of life to their employees. Next, we'll explore 9 of them!

How to offer more quality of life to your employees?

Understanding who are the millennials and what is the importance of investing in improvements in the work environment, we will now see 9 benefits that companies can adopt to extend quality of life to their employees.

1. Emotional salary

The first initiative that we will address in this post is the emotional salary. In summary, this salary is all benefits offered to employees that are not directly linked to financial values, but rather to personal values.

Some examples are:

  • healthy work environment;
  • harmonious organizational climate;
  • intelligent internal communication;
  • mental well-being;
  • flexibility;
  • break incentive;
  • time management;
  • cultural and educational stimuli.

Millennials tend to prefer recognition and appreciation, so emotional wages are a strong motivator.

2. Fit Cultural

Another of the 9 initiatives to offer more quality of life to its employees is to create a test Fit Cultural style=”font-weight: 400;”>.

This test assesses the alignment that an employee has with the business in addition to their soft skills, such as personality, personal values, goals, among others.

This set of characteristics is analyzed and compared to the ideal profile of the vacancy, considering mission, vision and values ​​of organizational culture from the company.

In other words, the Fit Cultural test is a way for the company to ensure that the employee is compatible and, with that, to ensure their quality of life during the entire business journey.

3. Payment on demand

One way to offer quality of life to its employees is to facilitate the management of their financial lives, adopting a system of on-demand payment.

It is common sense that uncertain factors can arise and compromise the individual's ability to honor financial commitments, so having the value of the salary available according to the real demand of your life is a great differential.

That is, in addition to facilitating the administration of expenses and expenses of its workforce, even avoiding the acquisition of loans, this initiative is a competitive advantage for the organization.

4. Remote work

In view of the current pandemic context, allowing remote action, even after the situation is normalized, is an initiative that optimizes the offer of quality of life to its employees.

In addition to this work policy becoming a preference for a significant part of the workers, the home office it also stimulates the professional's productivity, improving business results.

In addition, when an order is accepted, especially if it is linked to personal needs, the employee feels valued and the tendency for retribution is significant.

5. Reconsideration of free time

As one of the characteristics of generation Y is the appreciation of personal life, offering more free time to the team is a way to preserve their quality of life.

In addition to preventing exhaustion, creating this slack is a way of stimulating the employee's sympathy with the company.

Whether by extending a holiday, creating a policy of day off, making time management of the weekly work week more flexible, offering “extracurricular” activities to improve the use of free time; the possibilities are endless.

6. Leadership for example

Quality of life at work also has to do with relationships, especially with superiors. Therefore, it is essential that the managers and leaders of the company understand the importance of their role internally.

If the company aims to offer benefits that optimize the well-being of its workforce, it is necessary for commanders to set the first examples. Whether leaving the office on time, taking appropriate breaks, avoiding emails outside office hours, and so on.

The transparent example shows an image of equality, horizontality, accessibility, making the employee's routine lighter.

7. Feedback culture

Another of the 9 initiatives to offer more quality of life to its employees is to structure a culture of Feedback.

Whatever the business profile, listening to the opinion of your employees and allowing them to get to know yours about their work is essential.

Not only to optimize production yield, but also to invest more accurately in changes and strategies.

8. Care plans

Quality of life also has to do with health, which is why companies that offer conditions to care for this good are better liked by the professional market.

Organizations can act by offering benefits such as health insurance, dental insurance, gympass, yoga and meditation, psychological care, vaccination campaigns, self-care campaigns, and so on.

In addition to demonstrating that they care about the well-being of the team and their families, this investment is a way of enhancing their value in the market.

This is because talents may be looking for a company with this profile, which makes this initiative a strategy for attracting and retaining differentiated professionals.

9. Personalized experiences

Finally, the last of the 9 benefits that we will explore in this post to help your company extend more quality of life to its employees is the personalization of experiences.

By identifying, through feedbacks, the real demands, preferences, desires, among others, of employees, the company gains more ownership to make any decision that influences its well-being.

Ie, getting to know your own professional team in depth is essential to promoting the right benefits!

To offer quality of life to its employees, valuing the balance between personal and professional life style=”font-weight: 400;”>, it is essential not only to optimize the working relationship with the millennials generation, but also to reinforce the value of your company in the market.

Therefore, it all comes down to understanding that your company is made up of people with important requirements and who are the main instrument of business value.

To preserve your satisfaction with the company and optimize the overall results, adopting some of the 9 initiatives covered in this post can be decisive.

Did you understand the importance of investing in quality of life at work? If you still have any questions, leave it here in the comments of the post. One of our experts can help you!



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