9 spreadsheets for management essential for your business

9 spreadsheets for management essential for your business

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Optimizing processes is fundamental to the success of a business. And the best way to do that is using the right tools, like the ones spreadsheets for management.

Through them, it is possible to reduce costs, mitigate errors and measure results, aspects of extreme importance in the day-to-day of the organization.

Spreadsheets can be used in virtually every sector of the company: finance, people management, inventory and sales are just a few.

Enough make them simple and easy to use, so that everyone can understand its content and extract 100% of its potential.

Some of the main worksheets for management that you can use in your business are:

  1. Sales control;
  2. Cash flow;
  3. Accounts payable and receivable;
  4. Worked hours;
  5. Inventory control;
  6. Prospecting customers;
  7. Production control;
  8. Product pricing;
  9. Competition analysis.

Below, you will learn more about each one and how important it is for the organization's success. Check out!

1. Sales control

This management worksheet is the entrepreneur's greatest ally at the time when sales fall and the reason is not known.

By looking at the data, it is possible to identify which items have more or less out of stock. From the analysis of these numbers, several measures can be taken, such as promotions, sales or marketing campaigns, if it is the best solution.

Without effective sales control, the visualization of the numbers is compromised, which makes it difficult to plan route correction actions.

2. Cash flow

O cash flow it is one of the most important spreadsheets for business management. It contains the records of all revenue inflows and outflows, from the purchase of office supplies to the sale of a company property.

It is the largest thermometer in the financial health organization, helping managers to make the best investment decisions and next steps to be followed.

Ideally, there are two controls for the business cash flow: a diary, which allows a detailed view of earnings and expenses; and a monthly, which offers a macro overview for long-term planning.

3. Accounts payable and receivable

The control of accounts payable and receivable is extremely important for the financial predictability of the business, as it contains all the expenses and revenue entries that will happen in the future.

With this, it is possible to plan the budget and trace medium and long term strategies, such as the payment of fixed expenses in the next six months, or the early settlement of a long debt.

4. Hours worked

One of the most important management worksheets for the business is the control of hours worked. This is because it touches on a sensitive point that usually generates high costs for the company: the overtime.

This tool is very useful to calculate how much should be paid in taxes, charges and other obligations arising from the daily work hours of each worker.

If the volume of overtime is too high, it will be necessary to take effective measures to reduce it, as this is a bad indicator for the quality of life of employees.

5. Inventory control

One disorganized stock can cause several logistical problems for the company. In some cases, items in high demand run out and are not replenished at the required speed. In others, products that do not sell are stranded due to lack of planning by managers.

THE spreadsheet inventory control it is essential to find out what is the correct number of parts that the company needs to buy from time to time. In addition, the tool is excellent for generating insights and improve the relationship with suppliers.

6. Prospecting customers

How many customers Sales team Does your company need to prospect to close a deal? This question may seem tricky, but with a prospecting worksheet, it’s easy to answer. All data will be recorded for analysis, allowing this and other data to be extracted in a matter of seconds.

7. Production control

This worksheet for management is used to manage the production or purchase of goods by the company.

Your data can be cross-checked, for example, with that of the customer prospecting table. In this way, it is possible to know what the volume of production must be in a given period to meet a new demand, avoiding waste or insufficient work.

8. Price and product formation

Pricing products is sometimes a thankless task. One of the most common mistakes among entrepreneurs is to do this without the necessary care, ignoring market research and other important steps.

The result is that, in many cases, the manager thinks he is making money, but in fact he is not.

The good news is that this mission can be made much simpler with the help of a price formation worksheet.

In it, all the variables that influence the value of a product or service are already being taken into account, eliminating the risk of something important being overlooked. With that, prices are automatically formatted, more accurately and without difficulty.

9. Competition analysis

The good entrepreneur should never ignore or belittle his competitors, but learn from them. Therefore, one of the most important management spreadsheets for the company is to competition analysis.

In it, all the shares of companies in the same industry are registered and monitored with performance that is worse, better or equal to yours. Control should be divided into categories such as qproduct quality, ticket medium, variety of offers, service, customer guarantees and other important aspects.

It is an excellent tool to identify your strengths and weaknesses, establishing an effective planning to differentiate yourself in the market.

Now that you know the management sheets essential for your business, it's time to put what you've learned into practice. Implement these controls across your company in documents well formatted and easy to interpret. This will be the starting point to avoid wasting resources and optimize the organization's processes.

Did you like the article? To learn more about management tools, check out this other blog post and discover the best alternatives for the financial control of your company!



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